Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivors Walkthrough

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivors Walkthrough
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Though this section follows Part 3 of our walkthrough, the rescuing of all the Dead Rising 2 Case Zero survivors occurs during the progression of the main game. Escorting survivors to the safe house is a side objective, though one well worth pursuing, as each person you successfully save nets huge PP rewards and other bonuses. There are nine survivors in total to rescue, broken into four groups. Our walkthrough will cover each group separately.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivors - Gemini & Fausto (Win Some Lose Some)

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Gemini and Fausto can be rescued anytime after aiding Dick, the proprietor of the Still Creek Pawn Shop, as covered in Part 2 of our walkthrough. They are located in the Dirty Drink, a bar to the right of the gas station. When you approach the pair, Gemini will be grateful for the help and join you right away, but Fausto has.. different priorities. He’s already pretty tipsy, but apparently a zombie apocalypse is as good an excuse as any to get flat-out hammered. Fausto won’t budge until you’ve given him two drinks; fortunately, you’re in a bar, so there are beers on the counter nearby. After he downs the drinks and vomits them back up, he’s finally good to go.

Leading your followers back to the safe house is relatively simple. Call them to your location using the Y button, or send them to a specific location by aiming with left trigger, pointing to the location with your crosshair, and then hitting the Y button. The survivors do an admirable job of keeping pace with you, so making a beeline back to the safe house while hitting the Y button occasionally should be all it takes. If a survivor does get caught in a zombie’s grasp, you’ll need to fall back and dispatch the undead assailant before continuing.

You have until 4 p.m. in-game time to find and rescue Gemini and Fausto, otherwise they are lost to the horde. Once they are safely within the confines of the gas station, Gemini will fork over a $15,000 cash reward. Not too shabby.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivors - Nikki, Tia & Sharon (The Morning After)

The next trio of survivors are holed up in Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley, and appear after 1 p.m. in-game time. When you first arrive, only Nikki and Tia are there. They explain that they were in Las Vegas for a stagette for Sharon, who is now missing. She was last seen in the quarantine zone and the two ladies won’t go with you until Sharon is found. When you reach the tented area of the quarantine zone, hang a sharp right and you’ll find Sharon hiding in a tent. She has been bitten, and fearing for her friends’ safety she won’t accompany you unless you give her Zombrex.

Hand over the Zombrex and Sharon will allow you to hoist her up and be carried back to the other women. Note that you will now need to procure another dose of Zombrex for Katey; this can be bought at the pawn shop for the absurd sum of $25,000. Nikki and Tia will join you now that you have Sharon, so lead all three back to the safe house. You have until 7 p.m. in-game time to rescue these three damsels in distress.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivor Guide - Jason & Archie (Handle With Care)

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You may remember Jason and Archie from Part 2 of our walkthrough. Though linking up with these two is necessary to get the handle bars for the main story, rescuing them is optional. They first show up after 3 p.m. in-game time, in the parking lot behind Uncle Bill’s Department Store. When you get there, you’ll find the duo knee-deep in undead, though doing an admirable job of combating them. They won’t join you until you trade Jason a broadsword for the handle bars, so if you don’t have one in your inventory you’ll have to find one and return later.

The broadsword can be found on either the roof of Momma’s Diner or the interior of Bob’s Fish n’ Hunt. Lug one back to Jason, complete the trade, and then speak to him again to convince the pair to join you. You have until 8 p.m. in-game time to escort them back to the safe house.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Survivor Guide - Bob & Darcie (Above The Law)

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Chances are you’ve already encountered Bob at least once on your trek through Still Creek. He is the tough-as-nails gunner on the rooftop next to Still Creek Casino. Throughout the game he will call to you when he sees other survivors and alert you to their location. After 7 p.m. in-game time, he’ll spot his daughter in his store, Bob’s Fish n’ Hunt. The ground level door of the store is locked from the inside, so you’ll have to get in from a hatch in the roof. Make your way to the fire escape behind the Still Creek Hotel, and jump across the alleyway to the rooftop on the other side. You’ll find an open hatch on the roof of Bob’s store, so drop down to find Darcie inside.

Darcie is reluctant to go with you, worried about what her father might think if he should see her in the company of a strange man. She refuses to leave unless you bring Bob there to ensure there’s no funny business. Leave through the ground level door to unlock it and head back to Bob. Bob will follow you now, so drop down to the street below and go back to Darcie in Bob’s Fish n’ Hunt. Reunited, father and daughter will share a warm embrace, and then finally agree to go back to the gas station with you.

All nine survivors are now safe and sound thanks to your efforts. If you want to know how to collect all the combo weapon cards, continue on to Part 5 of our Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough.

All screenshots/references from Capcom’s Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and author’s own experience.

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