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Following Part 1 of our walkthrough, you should be at the gas station safe house. Before heading back into the zombie wilds, stock up on orange juice if your supply is depleted. Crafting a new Spiked Bat is a good idea too, especially if you have any weapons in your inventory that are about to break. There are five Dead Rising 2 Case Zero bike parts to obtain: the wheel, gas canister, engine, bike forks, and handle bars.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Bike Parts – Case 0-4 – Wheel

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When you step outside the gas station a cutscene plays, demonstrating the destructive power of the "Queen". From here on out, when you see a zombie in a crowd that looks disoriented, occasionally swatting at the air, chances are good it has a Queen on it. The Queen is an insect that when thrown absolutely destroys all undead within its immediate radius. They are very handy for clearing a large group.

The first thing you'll notice is a survivor named Dick cornered on the roof of a white van. Thin the herd of zombies around the vehicle using your Spiked Bat, then climb aboard. Talking to Dick reveals he is the owner of the Still Creek Pawn Shop, and he requests an escort back to his store. Speak to him when you're ready to leave, and then follow him a short ways down the street to his storefront. You won't have to babysit Dick too much as he is pretty adept at avoiding zombies on his own. Talk to him again in front of his shop to be let inside.

Dick has an odd assortment of items for sale in his store, including a moose head and an Electric Rake; what we're interested in right now though is the wheel. Why Dick has a single wheel for sale is anyone's guess, but either way Chuck needs it. It has a price tag of $5000. At the start of the game, Chuck has $2000, so if you need more cash there is fortunately a source nearby. Leave the pawn shop and directly across the street you'll see the Still Creek Casino. There is $300 on the ground outside, and inside you can smash the slot machines and ATMs for more. A full sweep of the Casino will net over $6000, which is more than enough for the wheel.

Purchase the wheel from Dick, and then hightail it back to the safe house. Keep in mind that while holding the wheel, switching to any other inventory item will force you to drop it. You can use the wheel as a weapon in the interim, but it is remarkably ineffective against the undead horde. To save time, swing by the pumps in front of the gas station to collect the gas canister on your way back.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Bike Parts – Case 0-4 – Gas Canister

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By far the easiest part to find, the red gas canister can be clearly seen right beside one of the pumps at the gas station. Drop the wheel temporarily to scoop it up, and then retrieve the wheel. The canister is the only bike part that is small enough to be carried in your inventory. Now that we have two of the five Dead Rising 2 Case Zero bike parts, take both back to the broken down motorcycle in the safe house.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Case 0-4 – Engine

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After dropping off the wheel and gas canister, the engine comes next. If you pull up your map, you'll see an alley that runs between Ed's Barber Shop and the Still Creek Movie Theater. This is Chuck's next destination, so make your way down the street towards the quarantine zone. To ease your journey, consider buying a moose head from Dick's Pawn Shop. The moose head turns Chuck into a rampaging freight train, slicing his way through the zombie crowds like a hot knife through butter. Once you reach the alley, about halfway in you'll see the engine lying against a wall. Grab the engine and haul it back to the safe house.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Case 0-4 – Bike Forks

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Acquiring the bike forks is a little more involved than the previous parts. They are hidden in a locked shack just outside the quarantine zone, so the first step is locating the key. The key is also hidden, on the normally inaccessible second floor of the Still Creek Hotel. Behind the hotel is an alleyway; head there and keep your eyes peeled for a broken fire escape at the rear of the building. Chuck can jump and clamber his way onto the fire escape, and use that to gain entrance to the second floor.

You'll find yourself in a hallway; move to the very end of the hall and hang a right. At the end of this second hallway there will be a small room. Dispatch the lone zombie inside with your Spiked Bat and snatch the shack key off the ground. Head back out into the hallway, and climb out any of the three windows on your right onto the roof of Mama's Diner. Approach the edge of the roof facing the street and look down; you should see an overhang with a broadsword on it. Hop down and pick up the sword, as it is not only an excellent weapon, but is necessary to get the handle bars later. That being said, don't overuse it as you don't want it to break.

Drop down to street level and run to the locked shack. It is found on the opposite side of the street from the diner, right outside the quarantine zone. Unlock the door with your newly acquired key and the bike forks inside are free for the taking.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Case 0-4 – Handle Bars

You won't be able to track down the handle bars until after 3 p.m. in-game time, so keep an eye on your watch and kill time until then. When the time is right, make your way to Uncle Bill's Department Store. Enter the store, and then exit through the back door to find two survivors fighting zombies in the parking lot. Their names are Jason and Archie, and they recognize Chuck as the famous motocross star. Jason is wielding the handle bars you need as a weapon; he will only trade them to you for a broadsword, so hand over the one you grabbed earlier.

If you lost the broadsword and don't feel like making the trip back to the rooftops, a considerably more morbid solution is to kill Jason and take the handle bars by force. This isn't recommended though, as keeping the survivors alive and escorting them back to the safe house nets large PP rewards. Whatever you decide, once you have the handle bars take them back to the safe house.

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All screenshots/references from Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and author's own experience.