Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough
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Las Vegas has been turned into a zombified wasteland, and the army has moved in to quarantine the city. Not only are they attempting to put down the undead, they are also corralling the living that have been bitten and on the verge of zombification. Normally people that are bitten are doomed to die, but a dose of an experimental drug called Zombrex can stave off the infection for 12 hours. Chuck’s daughter Katey has been bitten; fearing for her safety, he has fled Las Vegas and evaded army checkpoints long enough to reach the tiny town of Still Creek.

Chuck stops at a gas station to refuel his truck and to give Katey her Zombrex. The town appears deserted, but a nearby explosion and bursts of gunfire draw his attention. With his back turned, someone steals his vehicle and tears out of Still Creek, taking with them the last few Zombrex doses Chuck had. Now he has 12 hours to find Katey more Zombrex, or risk losing his daughter to the infection. Worse yet, zombies emerge from the alleys and abandoned buildings of Still Creek, ensuring his hunt won’t be easy; fortunately, our Dead Rising 2 Case Zero walkthrough is here to help.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walkthrough - Case 0-1 - Find Katey Zombrex

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You take control of Chuck after he barricades the entrance of the gas station. This area will act as your safe house and base of operations. There is a maintenance bench here; these are vital, as they are used to make combination weapons that are more powerful than traditional weapons. Combination weapons also earn more Prestige Points (PP) when used to mow down enemies. Gaining PP levels Chuck up and grants him new abilities, so being able to rack them up faster is a huge plus.

Items with a green wrench icon can be used to form combination weapons, and you’ll see two candidates right beside the maintenance bench. Grab both the bat and box of nails, and then set them on the bench. A small cutscene will play in which Chuck combines them into the Spiked Bat. You’ll also get a combo card for the Spiked Bat; these cards give you the recipe for making the combo weapon, as well as outline any special attacks that it can perform.

Before leaving the gas station, you’ll want to head into the adjacent room to pick up some orange juice. Food and drink items restore Chuck’s health, so it is imperative to have at least one food or drink item with you at all times. A ladder in the back leads to the roof where you can find a sniper rifle. The rifle isn’t necessarily useless, but its focus on killing single targets doesn’t help much when you’re surrounded.

You’re now ready to leave the gas station. You’ll pass through a scrapyard on your way out, where miscellaneous weapons are scattered around. Nothing here is particularly useful, so you’re safe to ignore them. Enter the blue shack on the other end of the scrapyard. There are two doors here; the one directly in front of you leads to the bathroom, where you can save your game. The other leads to the main strip of Still Creek, so head out when ready to continue through our Dead Rising 2 Case Zero walkthrough.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walk Through - Case 0-1 - Find Katey Zombrex (Cont.)

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Screenshot

Once outside the sanctuary of the gas station, Chuck need to cross a crowd of zombies on the main street of Still Creek. You’ll see a guide arrow at the top of the screen; this will direct you to your current objective. If you pull up the map, you’ll see your target is the quarantine zone on the opposite end of town. You’ll want to avoid getting caught in a mob as you travel down the street, so look for gaps in the throngs of undead to pass through. If a zombie grabs you, rapidly wiggle the left thumbstick of your controller back and forth to break free. Your Spiked Bat will cut a swathe through any group of zombies you cannot outrun, but use it sparingly as it will eventually break. When you approach the quarantine zone a cutscene will play, signaling the end of Case 0-1.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walk Through - Case 0-2 - Find Zombrex

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After the cutscene, you’ll find Chuck perched atop a tanker truck overlooking the quarantine zone. Your objective here is the ambulance found a little ways into the tented area. To avoid the nearby zombies, you can clamber along the tops of the cars until reaching the entrance. Jump from the car roof over the surrounding zombies and head into the quarantine zone.

This area is small and easy to navigate, but you may want to grab some new weapons before heading for the ambulance. You’ll find some assault rifles lying near the tents, or zombified militia will drop them when killed. These rifles have limited ammo, but are great for thinning out a crowd. There are discarded snacks inside most of the tents if you need a quick health boost. When you’re done scavenging, approach the ambulance and open the back door to trigger a cutscene. Chuck is relieved to find Zombrex, but his elation fades when he overhears a transmission from a dead soldier’s radio, indicating that army backup will arrive in Still Creek by nightfall. He needs to hit the road quickly; fortunately, he spots a broken down motorcycle nearby.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Walk Through - Case 0-3 - Broken Bike

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Screenshot

Chuck gathers the bike parts into a utility cart and now needs to get them back to the safe house. Grab the cart’s handle and start pushing it down the main strip. Your guide arrow will show you the way to your safe house, though it is difficult to get lost as you just need to follow the road. The cart is invincible, so don’t be afraid to ram it through any undead who stand in your way. If the cart tips over after hitting an obstacle, you’ll have to pick it back up and stand it upright before you can continue pushing it.

When you make it back to the gas station a cutscene will play. Katey will ask for Zombrex as she has started feeling sick, but Zombrex can only be administered every 12 hours as overdoses are fatal. You need to give Katey her next shot between 7:00 and 8:00 PM and you can check your watch using the left arrow on the D-pad. She then asks if Chuck can fix the motorcycle. Chuck can fix anything.

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All screenshots/references from Capcom’s Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and author’s own experience.

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