Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Zombrex 1 Walkthrough

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Following Part 2 of our walkthrough, you should be in the gas station safe house with a completely fixed motorcycle. Before Chuck and Katey can escape the city, Katey needs her shot of Zombrex. Her next dose is scheduled for 7 p.m. so wait until then before administering it. Before you begin case Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Zombrex 1, you'll want to stock up on weapons and supplies as a boss fight is approaching.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Zombrex 1 – Arming Up

In Part 1 of our walkthrough we mentioned a sniper rifle on the roof of the gas station. Though not very effective against the zombie horde, it will be highly effective against the upcoming boss. Climb the ladder at the back of the storefront in the gas station to reach the roof and collect the sniper rifle. The next weapon you should obtain is an assault rifle. Dick sells them at the Still Creek Pawn Shop for $1000, or if you're feeling thrifty you can trek all the way back to the quarantine zone to nab one for free.

The third item to collect is a melee weapon; either a broadsword or Spiked Bat will suffice. The Spiked Bat has a faster swing, so is recommended as the weapon of choice. The final thing you'll need is a healing item, so make your way to the gas station to grab some orange juice. Make sure your health is full and that you have a spare juice in your inventory, then approach Katey to give her the Zombrex.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Zombrex 1 – Fighting Jed

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After giving Katey her medicine, Chuck is approached by surly mechanic Jed. Jed has been hunting zombies, finding great entertainment in this latest outbreak. He wants to add a little girl zombie to his "collection" of kills, but Chuck obviously takes issue with that. He urges Katey to run while he grapples Jed, eventually chasing him out into the scrap yard. Time to face off against the first psychopath in Dead Rising 2.

Jed is equipped with a boomstick: a pitchfork and shotgun combined together. From a distance, Jed will fire on Chuck with the shotgun, and in close quarters he will jab at Chuck with the pitchfork. It is generally safer to keep your distance, which is where the sniper and assault rifles come into play. If he catches Chuck with the pitchfork, Jed can perform some pretty devastating attacks, namely scorching his face with a blowtorch, or lifting him up in the air and firing at him point blank with the shotgun.

Maintain a wide berth around Jed and pick away at him with your guns. Your melee weapon is a last resort and should only be used if you run out of ammo. If you ever catch Jed near a propane tank, shoot the tank and the resulting explosion will take a large chunk out of Jed's health. If your own health gets low, don't hesitate to drink the orange juice you brought along to refill. Once Jed is defeated he will leave his boomstick behind, making it yours for the taking. You will also receive the combo card for the boomstick.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Escape – The Great Escape

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The time has come to jump on the motorbike and escape Still Creek. Technically, you don't have to leave until 9 p.m. in-game time, though after defeating Jed there isn't really anything else to do aside from maiming random zombies. Approach the motorcycle in the gas station garage when you're ready to leave. Chuck and Katey will speed off into the night, only to be abruptly stopped by the military. They've arrived to provide backup and quarantine the city, but Chuck won't let them take Katey away which means there's only one option: drive through their blockade.

You're given one minute and thirty seconds to escape the town, though this is ample time and it won't take nearly that long. The bike accelerates with the right trigger on your controller, while left trigger activates the brakes/reverse. You'll generally want to go as fast as possible while driving, but some corners are too sharp and will require you to slow down. Avoid driving too slow as the soldiers are continuously firing on you, taking Chuck down quickly if you're not careful.

Though not required, it is recommended you hit as many soldiers as you can during your grand escape. Striking a soldier with your bike is an instant kill, and each one garners a 1,000 Prestige Point (PP) reward. Never stop or slow down too much for the express purpose of mowing down the army as this is a sure way to get Chuck killed. Once you reach the tunnel, a cutscene will play signaling the Greenes' escape of Still Creek and the end of Case Zero.

Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Escape – Endings

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If you've followed our walkthrough, you'll receive Ending A at the end of Chuck's escape. If interested, there are five other endings to Dead Rising 2 Case Zero and they can be achieved through replays of the game as follows:

Ending B: Give Katey Zombrex between 7 and 8 p.m, repair bike, escape on bike but do not leave town before one minute thirty second time limit.

Ending C: Give Katey Zombrex between 7 and 8 p.m, repair bike, do not get on bike to escape Still Creek.

Ending D: Give Katey Zombrex between 7 and 8 p.m, do not fully repair bike.

Ending E: Give Katey Zombrex between 7 and 8 p.m, do not even bring bike body back to safe house.

Ending F: Do not give Katey Zombrex.

The main storyline is over, but if you want to rescue all the survivors stranded in Still Creek, continue to Part 4 of our Dead Rising 2 Case Zero walkthrough.

All screenshots/references from Capcom's Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and author's own experience.