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    • Crysis for PS3 - How Does it Compare to the PC Version?
      The original Crysis is now available for the PS3, but does it hold up well to the original PC version of the game? Here we compare features, graphics, and gameplay after having played both versions.
    • A Guide to the Weapons and Enemies in Crysis (PS3)
      If you're finding yourself wondering what weapon to use in Crysis or what attachments to equip, then you'll find information here that will help answer those questions. In addition, information on the enemy types and how to approach them is given.
    • Crysis PS3 Walkthrough: Levels 7 - 10
      If you're stuck on the last few levels of Crysis, you'll find help on where to go here as well as descriptions on what you need to do to defeat the bosses that appear at the end of the game.
    • Crysis Console Walkthrough: Levels 4 - 6
      If you're stuck on levels 4 - 6 for Crysis on the PS3, then this walkthrough will help you out. You'll find directions on where to go during the level. You'll also find the locations of ammo and weapons, alongside details on the various obstacles you may face.
    • Crysis Walkthrough: Levels 1 - 3
      If you're looking for information on what to do for the first three levels of Crysis on the PS3, then you'll find the help you may require here. Directions are given, alongside details of some of the obstacles you may face, and weapon and ammo locations are also described.
    • A Look at the Crysis Franchise
      The Crysis franchise is quickly gaining popularity among FPS gamers. Our detailed articles offer complete guides to everything there is to ask about these three games, from system requirements to performance tips and cheats.
    • Crysis 2 Armory - What's the Best Weapon for Multiplayer?
      Detailed information on the range, damage, speed and accuracy of all the main weapons available in Crysis 2.
    • Crysis 2 Graphics Guide: PC Perfection or Console Compromise?
      Crysis has been the ultimate benchmark for cutting edge PC graphics. But with the sequel going cross-platform, have compromises been made? In this Crysis 2 Graphics Guide, Bright Hub looks at what this could mean for the future of the PC as the platform for pushing the graphical envelope.
    • Preview of Crysis 2
      The sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter is headed to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.
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