Crysis PS3 Walkthrough: Levels 1 – 3

If you’re looking for information on what to do for the first three levels of Crysis on the PS3, then you’ll find the help you may require here. Directions are given, alongside details of some of the obstacles you may face, and weapon and ammo locations are also described.

Crysis 2 – PC Demo Download & Analysis

A multiplatform demo is always going to garner comparative analysis and attention. Crysis 2 comes to the PC after already being released on 360 consoles and giving players plenty of time to grow accustomed to the controls. This article looks into the PC version of the demo for Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 Graphics Guide

Crysis has been the ultimate benchmark for cutting edge PC graphics. But with the sequel going cross-platform, have compromises been made? In this Crysis 2 Graphics Guide, Bright Hub looks at what this could mean for the future of the PC as the platform for pushing the graphical envelope.

PC Gamers Crysis Warhead Review

Crysis Warhead goes beyond the level of intense action and focused game play you experienced with Crysis with useful and engaging improvements to many areas. A relatively short first adventure, the replay possibilities are immense, and the multiplayer rocks!