Read Through This Crysis Warhead Walkthrough to Help You Accomplish the First Chapter of the Game

Read Through This Crysis Warhead Walkthrough to Help You Accomplish the First Chapter of the Game
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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough – Call me Ishmael

As you first begin the chapter you’ll be guided through a short tutorial, so it would be pointless including it in our Crysis warhead walkthrough. You’ll get instructions on crouching, jumping, using “left-shifty” [sic] for sprinting and ‘strength mode’ for leaping across debris or broken bridges. Keep moving forward and eventually you’ll come to flaming ruins: you’ll get zapped and remain unconscious for a bit.

When you wake simply follow the green arrow on the map. You’ll come to a bridge and you’ll see a Jeep crash into a tree and explode (always an action favourite.) Take the KPA soldiers out, you have plenty of cover in the rocks and trees. You can pick up any FY71’s if you like.

Crysis Warhead Walkthrough – The Terminal

Crysis Warhead Walkthrough - The Terminal

Keep moving along the muddy road, following the green arrow on your map (remaining enemies are indicated by yellow arrows.) Follow the river just to be sure. You’ll come across a bridge, jump it either by running or using strength mode. You’ll keep on getting instructions on how to use your binoculars, grenades, gun-sights and so on. Continue moving south-east and you’ll find a lightly guarded outpost. There are Jeeps here, so try and steal one by killing off the guards, then drive around clearing the area using the mounted gun. Once clear, inspect the trailers: find the terminal and download the data from it.

Continue southwards, along the rocks and the coast, and take out any other KPA guys stationed here. You can use your cloaking or armor for better protection, and mop-up normally once the area is near-cleared.

Crysis Warhead Walkthrough – Broadcasting Tower and Resort

Crysis Warhead Walkthrough - Tower

Now go for your secondary objective, the broadcasting station. It is indicated on your map so you can follow directions easily. There is a building which is well protected, but not so much that it is impenetrable. You can use explosives to help you out or simply use your marksmanship skills. Finally destroy the broadcasting tower with a grenade.

Head south until you come to a cliff, then west following the muddy road taking you to the beach resort indicated in your main objective. You’ll have to fight a few enemies even though you’ll get some help from US forces, so be prepared and take cover (or cloak) whenever you need to. Eventually you’ll reach the “Dragon Crab” where you can stock up on ammunition; be careful around you still as there are plenty of enemy troops who will call for help if you are spotted. Load up on ammo, explosives and take the missile launcher which should help you considerably in clearing the beach area of any remaining troops. You can use the missile launcher to take out the incoming tank.

Watch the cut-scene which ends the first part of this Crysis Warhead walkthrough.