Walkthrough for Crysis: Levels 4 - 6 (PS3)

Walkthrough for Crysis: Levels 4 - 6 (PS3)
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Assault - Taking Out the Two AA Guns

Once the fourth level begins, you’ll be in a combat zone. You’ll need to pay attention to the white circles that appear on the mini-map, as they indicate locations where shells are going to land. Once you’ve taken note of that, follow the soldiers to the objective marker. Once you reach it, a short cutscene will play. Your objective will now be to take out the AA guns.

Open up your map and take the northern road to the first AA gun. A vehicle may come down the road and if it does, take out the occupants and drive it. Once you reach the first AA gun, you’ll want to pick up an explosive charge from the area and use it to blow the gun up, after taking out the enemies.

Next, you can travel by land to the other AA gun, or you can swim there. It might be best swimming and when you get there, it’s also best to take out the enemy chopper however you can. There’s a missile launcher in the area that will help with that and once everything’s taken care of, pick up the explosive charges and use one on the last AA gun.

Assault - Removing the Last AA Gun and Disabling the GPS Jammer

The area where you need to gather the intel from.

You’ll find out there’s one last AA gun, so head on over to it. However, on your way, you’ll get a secondary objective where you need to gather intel. It’s ideal to do that first, so head towards the yellow objective marker. Try to approach it from the direction of the southern road on your map. When you reach it, take out the enemies and also the helicopter that appears. Then you’re free to complete the secondary objective.

After that’s complete, make your way to the primary objective. Once there, fight your way into the compound and there’s a warehouse you should look into for various weapons and ammo. You should be able to find the warehouse by a destroyed helicopter. Once the last AA gun is destroyed, you’ll be tasked with taking out the GPS jammer that’s on a cruiser nearby, so do so. As you make your way to the cruiser though, you’ll find that a chopper and more enemies attack you, so take them out. There’s also a missile launcher nearby.

Once you’ve sabotaged the jammer, leave the cruiser and use your binoculars on it when at a safe distance, then press square.

Make your way to the next objective then, after taking out another chopper and any troops that may be around. You can reach it by jumping over the gate and the level will end.

Onslaught - Taking Out the Boxcar and AA Guns

The tunnel you start in at the beginning of the Onslaught level in Crysis.

When you start this level, you’ll be in a tank. Begin by moving straight ahead. Approach the allied tanks and then move into the valley, while making your way to your objective. There will be enemy tanks to contend with on the way, but they’re not hard to deal with at all really. So, just take your time and you’ll be fine. Also, make sure you switch tanks if possible. Eventually, you’ll run into a boxcar that’s blocking your way and you’ll need to destroy it. After destroying the boxcar and securing the area, move ahead a bit and an earthquake will begin.

From here, you’ll be tasked with destroying a munitions dump and you’ll probably be attacked by a chopper, so take it out and head that way. As you approach the objective, you’ll be asked to take out the AA guns, so do so, but there are quite a few dangerous enemies in the area.

Onslaught - Reaching the Mine

Where you need to head in order to reach the mine.

After you’ve done that, you’ll be tasked with getting to an elevated position and painting the munitions dump for an air strike, so head to the secondary objective and do that. Once that’s done, hop into a nearby vehicle for speed and head to where the supplies have been dropped for you. You should find a Gauss Rifle there.

Once you’ve got the supplies, head towards the mine. As you do, though, you want to head to the right of the tracks. Once there, proceed slowly and shoot the mines to disable them. Once you’ve done this part, it’s a straight road to the mine which signals the level’s completion.

Awakening - Gaining Intel

Something is disturbed in the distance, while heading towards the secondary objective in the Awakening level for Crysis.

When this level begins, start by moving ahead a bit and you’ll get a message, giving you two objectives. First, start out by heading to the secondary objective, by taking the dirt road to the left of the track. As you move there, there should be some form of shockwave or dust cloud and the screen will shake as your equipment gets disrupted.

Once that happens, carry on towards the yellow objective marker. Be warned that the area is crawling with enemies though, and that there’s an enemy tank. You’ll need to use your Gauss Rifle to take it out. When you reach the building where the intel is, you’ll need to pick up all of the weapons and ammo there.

When you’ve got everything and cleared the enemies out, download the intel and begin moving towards the main objective.

Awakening - Rescuing the Hostage

The area where you should jump up at the crushing yard.

Once you reach the general area for the next objective, the crushing yard, you’ll find it’s also crawling with enemies. Alongside normal enemies, there are the Koreans with suits like you faced during the closing moments of the third level. So, be careful here. In fact, rather than charge ahead, you should jump up some rocks to the left of the area.

From here, you should work on clearing out the area. A chopper will also appear at one point and some enemies wielding mini-guns will attack. Once every enemy is taken out, friendlies will land and you’ll need to head to the next objective marker.

Ignore the aliens as you make your way to the hostages, though you’ll want to destroy any armored vehicles. In addition, you’ll need to enter the trenches to reach the mining complex and the hostages. Once inside, you’ll find some enemies. Take them out and collect any ammo, before heading down a tunnel where there are mine carts. You’ll have to smash some barricades as well and you’ll need to jump down onto what is like an elevator afterwards. After the jump, it’s basically a straight path to the hostages.

When you’ve reached the last hostage, a cutscene will play and after it, you’ll need to defeat General Kyong. He is easy to defeat though, so don’t worry about the fight. After he falls, you’ll see Helena, the hostage. Get into the lift with her and the level will soon end.


  • All references and screenshots from Crysis.

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