Crysis 2 Weapons Guide - The Best and Worst Guns in Crysis 2

Crysis 2 Weapons Guide - The Best and Worst Guns in Crysis 2
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Crysis 2 employs a pretty standard variety of weapons for a first person shooter. It has machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, pistols, explosives and a couple of futuristic weapons. Picking the right one is largely based on personal preference and the way that gamers prefer to play the game. In this Crysis 2 weapons guide, we’ll look at the stats on each weapon to help you make a more informed decision as to which one you wish to carry into your next online battle.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the standard weapons for regular action in that they offer decent ammo capacity, solid damage and average range. These are the best general purpose weapons.

SCAR - For a starter gun, this one is pretty good. It has average everything, from damage to accuracy, but is not a bad rifle at all. Even after earning unlocks for other weapons, you’ll find many higher level online players going back to this one.

Grendel - Other than the fact that it only shoots in 3-round bursts, this has some of the best overall stats in the game. If you can get past the shooting mechanism, it’s an awesome gun.

SCARAB - This one has slightly less range, accuracy and damage potential compared to the SCAR, but it makes up for this with a higher rate of fire. Each bullet does less damage, but more bullets in less times means more damage so long as you hold it steady and aim.

Sub-machine Guns


Sub-machine guns are made to shoot fast and carry lots of ammo, plus they are very portable. The trade-off is that they don’t do as much damage as the bigger guns.

Feline - This little gun holds a 60-round magazine that is perfect for run-and-gun gamers. However, it has low accuracy and even lower damage.

K-Volt - The main benefit of this gun is that it drains enemy armor down, so it’s good to use against players with Armor Enhance turned on. With much better range than the Feline, this gun also has slightly improved accuracy and damage ratings. It does not shoot nearly as quick as the Feline, though.



Shotguns do massive amounts of damage at close range, but are useless at any distance. These are best suited for close quarters.

Jackal - A semi-auto model that holds eight shells. It has the worst effective range in the game, but shoots much faster than the Marshall. Go for headshots with this one.

Marshall - This is a pump shotgun that is one of the slowest shooters in the game, but it does a lot of damage. Just don’t miss that first shot because someone with an assault rifle or machine gun will unload on you before you even get a chance to reload.

Sniper Rifles

M20 14 Gauss

Sniper rifles have the highest effective range and do lots of damage per shot, but they reload very slowly and aren’t good for tight spaces.

DSG-1 - A great rifle that is portable enough that you don’t have to camp out to use it, but keep in mind that the slow reload times mean you better not miss that first shot.

M20 14 Gauss - An experimental type rifle that’s basically a magnet gun. It shoots very smoothly, but also very slowly, so make every shot count. It has the highest damage rating in the game, and it ties with the DSG-1 for accuracy and range.

Heavy Weapons

X43 Mike

These heavy duty weapons will make you feel like Rambo, but they are bulky and reduce mobility so they aren’t intended for stealthy players.

MK60 - Although this has decent range and damage, you’ll practically lose visibility as soon as you pull the trigger. Luckily, it carries lots of ammo you can hold that trigger and spray down the enemy. These are great to use for dispersing crowds.

L-Tag - This grenade launcher can be a real pain when you are on the receiving end, especially when trying to capture a crashed pod zone. If used correctly, it’s great for taking out enemies working together.

X-43 Mike - When you get hit by this thing, you’ll be surrounded in electricity and it’ll drain your energy. It has an extremely high rate of fire, but all the other stats are pretty weak.

Secondary Weapons


M12 Nova - This sidearm is the starter pistol for the game and has the highest ammo capacity. It doesn’t do a lot of damage but it does shoot fast, so it’s good for a quick finishing shot.

Hammer - It’s larger than the M12, carries half as much ammo and shoots slower, but is more accurate and does more damage.

Majestic Pistol - The most powerful handgun in the game. It’s a revolver, so it has very low ammo capacity and shoots slowly, but it also does as much damage per shot as the Jackal. Dirty Harry would carry this if he played Crysis 2.

AY-69 - If you run out of ammo in your main weapon and need to spray a lot of bullets real fast, then this machine pistol will do the trick. It combines a high rate of fire with average accuracy and very low damage, so you can forget about a one-shot kill with this unless it’s a finishing shot.

JAW - This rocket launcher can be devastating if you score a direct hit, but it takes a couple of seconds to get the rocket going and it doesn’t do as much splash damage as you’d expect. Too bad Crysis 2 doesn’t let you knock out walls like in Battlefield 2.

The Best Gun in Crysis 2

If you want to be more competitive online, you’re surely going to wonder what the best weapon in Crysis 2 might be. To answer that question, you have to define what is ‘best’ for you. Every weapon is a little different, such as one that has a faster rate of fire but less range, or one that does more damage but is less accurate. Rather than try to pick one gun and say it’s the best, here are the best weapons, by category:

  • Best Accuracy: DSG-1 Sniper Rifle or M20 14 Gauss
  • Best Rate of Fire: X-43 Mike
  • Best Range: DSG-1 Sniper Rifle or M20 14 Gauss
  • Best Damage: M20 14 Gauss
  • Best Mobility: Feline SMG

The Gauss rates highest in three categories because it is most accurate and does more damage, but shoots much slower than the Sniper Rifle. If you miss on the first shot while in range of the enemy, chances are you won’t survive long enough to get a second one. While the X-43 Mike has the highest rate of fire, it also does less damage than almost every other weapon and is not very accurate.

Another major contender for best weapon is the K-Volt because of its energy drain ability. Some message board discussions even accuse it of being overpowered because it leaves the victim unable to function shortly before finishing them off. On the other hand, it’s minimal damage requires more skill to wield correctly.

If you want the best weapon based on overall average according to stats, then you’ll probably want to go with the Grendel Assault Rifle, but the problem with that gun is that it only shoots 3-round bursts. If you can overcome that and learn to aim well, you’ll be deadly. Otherwise, you may want to go with the SCARAB.


Based on author’s personal experience completing Crysis 2 on the PS3,,

Images of Crysis 2 courtesy of game developer, Crytek