Patron Power Pools in CoX: A Summary of Your Choices of Patron Power Pools in City Of Villains

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This article is the final culmination of what you have learned regarding Patron Power Pools. Hopefully you have gained a good deal of knowledge regarding Patron Power Pools, as well as a bit of respect for how much has gone into making these Patrons more applicable to the game. City of Heroes Epic Power Pools was a good start, but the Patron Power Pools are more effective in their use of storyline, tying the powers together in a coherent theme, and they are just plain fun to use in the game. So lets take a last look at what choices you have as well as reasons you should choose one over the other.

The Four Patrons

Your four choices are Black Scorpion (Mace Mastery), Captain Mako (Leviathon Mastery), Ghost Widow (Soul Mastery), and Scirocco (Mu Mastery). As a disclaimer, there are an almost infinite number of factors that affect any choice of power and the enhancements to use with them. This is in no way a definitive guide, but more an overview with the key points highlighted.

  • Black Scorpion - The multitude of choices here makes a decision difficult. Of the four, the variety within this pool is definitely greater. The pure power of the Arachnos Mace however cannot be denied, as well as just how cool it looks. Summoning Arachnos bots is another plus as well.

  • Captain Mako - While lacking the ability to summon any helpers, the uniqueness of the powers within this pool is very appealing. The look and feel of them is truly exquisite, and after all who can deny the level of terror sharks bring to a battle - particularly when they are ethereal.

  • Ghost Widow - You have to admire a woman shackled to the very concept of Arachnos - thats dedication. Access to Negative Energy attacks and defenses is compelling as well. And Summoning Widows and Fortunatas is just icing on the cake.

  • Scirocco - The Mu are a race that strike terror into every villain’s heart. The quick loss of Endurance is more than most can bear, so being able to control that power is truly compelling. The fact that most of the powers in this pool sap Endurance back to you can be a great benefit indeed.

Final Summary

Patron Power Pool selection is no easy task, nor should it be taken lightly. It is hoped that this guide has helped at least illuminate what the choices are. In the end, you may select one over the other for various reasons.

As its been said, there are many power origin choices, many archetypes, and many reasons for choosing one over the other. Since the game makes this a permanent decision however, its definitely one you should take your time with and make sure its really what you want. And if you can’t decide after all this, go with your gut. You will find that any of these power pools are effective, so no matter which you pick, you should receive a powerful arsenal of abilities in the higher levels of the game.

Hopefully this allows you to continue to enjoy what is considered to be an excellent game.

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