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In parts 2 and 3 of this series, we discussed Black Scorpion and Captain Mako as potential Patrons. We continue this discussion here with Ghost Widow and her path of Soul Mastery. With Ghost Widow, your villain will learn to master the dark powers - otherwise known as Negative Energy. Since Ghost Widow is an actual spirit tied to Arachnos, the selection of available powers in her pool come from this origin. Lets take a look at what opportunities await you along this path.

The Dark Side

Soul Mastery is the moniker for Ghost Widow’s Patron Pool, and its aptly named. As you will see, Soul Mastery involves some very interesting powers. As with the two previously discussed Patrons, your villain’s archetype will determine what becomes available, as well as what level is attained.

  • Level 41 Powers
    • Gloom - This dark power is available for Brutes, Stalkers and Widows. A somewhat slow blast of negative energy, it deals damage over time as well as reducing a foe’s Accuracy.
    • Soul Tentacles - This cone opens a rift to the Netherworld, immobilizing your enemy while draining them slowly of life. Brutes, Masterminds (at level 44), Soldiers and Widows get access to this power.
    • Soul Drain - Only the Corruptor gets this effective power, which drains your enemies of health while adding it to your Accuracy and Damage.
    • Dark Embrace - To protect yourself from Lethal, Smashing, Negative Energy and Toxic damage, you dip into the netherworld and pull back a dark shroud to surround yourself with. Corruptors, Dominators and Masterminds are the lucky recipients of this ability.
    • Dark Consumption - With this power, you grasp your foe’s soul and use its energy to bolster your Endurance, causing them Hit Point damage in the process. Only the Dominator gets this ability.
    • Nightfall - This power causes a cone of scintillating Netherworld particles to envelop your foes, damaging them as well as their Accuracy. The Mastermind is the sole recipient of this power.
    • Moonbeam - Using a glimmer of Negative Energy, this attack allows you to snipe your foe from a great distance away. The Stalkers benefit from this extremely powerful attack, damaging their foe’s Hit Points and Accuracy.
    • Dark Blast - This long range blast of Negative Energy is reserved solely for the Stalker as well, dealing Moderate damage as well as lowering the target’s Accuracy.

Peering Into the Soul

Grasping the bare essentials of Soul Mastery, you are now ready for the powers available at Level 44. Much like the previously discussed Patrons, you must have a prior power in Soul Mastery to obtain these:

  • Level 44 Powers
    • Dark Obliteration - You hurl a large blast of Negative Energy with this power, and it explodes on impact. All foes within the area take Damage as well as their Accuracy being lowered. Brutes, Dominators, Soldiers and Widows get access to this power.
    • Soul Storm - A dark cocoon of Negative Energy that immobilizes the victim, this power slowly drains the very life force from them. Corruptors and Stalkers get this power, as well as Masterminds at Level 47.

Black As Pitch

By now, your Mistress of the Night is ready to teach you her greatest powers:

  • Level 47 Powers
    • Summon Widow - You learn to summon a deadly assassin in the form of a Blood Widow. Her Lethal damage comes from the razors and darts she employs. Brutes, Stalkers, Widows and Soldiers are able to learn this power.
    • Summon Mistress - One of the powerful Fortunata Mistresses lend their psionic abilities to your cause, dealing Moderate damage to your foes. The Corruptor is the only one able to utilize this power.
    • Summon Seer - A Fortunata Seer comes at your call, lending her Moderate psychic damage. The Dominator alone can command this effective lackey.


Ghost Widow’s path can be a very useful one, particularly if you do not otherwise have access to Negative Energy attacks or defenses. Much like Captain Mako, this Patron Power Pool seems to offer a bit less variety than Black Scorpions. But it can definitely be an asset to your villain. In part 5 we’ll talk about our last Patron, Scirocco and Mu Mastery.

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