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Scirocco is an interesting Patron, particularly because he was once a hero who happened to pick up the wrong evil scimitar. Despite his heroic beginnings, make no mistake that the Mu Mastery pool is an effective list of abilities that will aid any villain in spreading chaos and destruction.

Ancient Beginnings

Mu Mastery is the practice of ancient techniques in the Way of Mu, which are lightning based and quite powerful. At Level 41, you are able to begin understanding how to manipulate these energies effectively. Just don’t get too chaotic while around Scirocco, as he seems to relish directed efforts as opposed to wanton destruction. Observe:

  • Level 41 Powers
    • Mu Lightning - This large blast of electical energy deals heavy damage and drains endurance from your foe, allowing you to collect some endurance as well. Brutes, Widows and Soldiers get access to this power.
    • Electrifying Fences - This immobilization technique drains multiple enemies of Endurance while damaging them over time, sending some of the Endurance your way. Brutes, Masterminds (at Level 44), Soldiers and Widows are able to utilize this.
    • Power Sink - With this power, you leech Endurance from any nearby foes. Corruptors and Dominators are able to use this power.
    • Charged Armor - This electrical defensive power protects Corruptors, Masterminds and Dominators from Smashing, Lethal, and Energy damage.
    • Static Discharge - This cone of electrical bursts deal damage and sap Endurance from foes in the area. The Mastermind is the only lucky recipient of this power.
    • Mu Bolts - This quick charge of electricity blasts your foes and gives you some of their Endurance. The Stalkers alone benefit from this power.
    • Zapp - This highly effective sniping power shoots a beam of lightning far distances, causing damage as well as harvesting some of their Endurance. Stalkers get access to this power.

Ride the Lightning

Further training in the Way of the Mu grants you access to more powerful techniques. As with all other Patrons, you must have a prior Mu Mastery power to obtain these. Scirocco instructs you now in the following:

  • Level 44 Powers
    • Ball Lightning - This huge explosion of electical energy damages and saps Endurance from everyone in the area. Brutes, Dominators, Soldiers and Widows are able to perform this power.
    • Electric Shackles - You immobilize your foe in a tight casing of lightning, damaging them and sapping their Endurance. Corruptors, Stalkers and Masterminds (at Level 47) get this power.

Mastering the Way

You have shown your ability to follow the path, so Scirocco finally rewards you with his most powerful secrets:

  • Level 47 Powers
    • Summon Striker - Brutes, Soldiers and Widows are able to call upon a Mu Striker to help them exact vengeance. The powerful practicers of dark arts are worthy allies.
    • Summon Adept - Corruptors and Stalkers call upon Mu Adepts to join them in battle. The Adepts wield Moderate damage with their magical attacks.
    • Summon Guardian - Dominators bring forth Mu Guardians to do their bidding. The Guardians are truly effective combatants, fierce and ruthless.


The Mu Mastery path is one of dark magic, manipulations of powerful lightning attacks and control of ruthless allies. Scirocco is one to be feared, and this path shows why. The Mu are a ruthless and effective opponent, and there is very few villains who do not respect their abilities. In part 6, our final edition to this series we will sum up the key points from each Patron Power Pool so that you can choose appropriately for your villain.

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