Patron Power Pools: Captain Mako as Your Mentor- Choosing A Mentor in City Of Villains

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In part two of this guide, we discussed the Patron Black Scorpion and the powers he gives to those who choose to follow in his path. So now we will take a look at the Patron Captain Mako, and we can get a good idea of what he provides, as well as how it contrasts with Black Scorpion. The structure is basically the same, with the Patron Power Pools becoming available at Level 41. But Captain Mako’s powers are very different from Black Scorpion, as you would expect.

Is That a Shark Fin?

Captain Mako’s Power Pool is called Leviathon Mastery, which is nicely in tune with this villain’s archetype. Just as Black Scorpion’s powers are very “scorpion-like”, Captain Mako’s have to do with the sea or sharks. So lets take a look at what powers become available at Level 41.

  • Level 41 Powers
    • Spirit Shark - With this power, you send a spiritual Mako shark to attack your foe. This power is available to Brutes, Stalkers, Soldiers and Widows. It deals out heavy Lethal damage over time as well as Knockback. It looks really cool too.
    • School of Sharks - This power is available to everyone EXCEPT Dominators. A school of Spirit Sharks are sent out in a cone, dealing Negative damage over time. You can’t use this while flying, and your foes can’t be flying either. This can also immobilize your foes as the sharks encircle them.
    • Shark Skin - A solid Damage Resistance power, it covers and protects Corruptors from Lethal, Smashing and Cold damage. Dominators and Masterminds can get this power at Level 44.
    • Water Spout - This conjured cyclone of water chases down your enemies, causes them to fear you, tosses them into the air, leaves them disoriented, reduces their defenses, and reminds them why they shouldn’t mess with you. Its only available to Dominators and Stalkers, but its a powerful addition to your arsenal.
    • Bile Spray - This acid attack is just as bad as it sounds. A cone of acid does Toxic damage over time. Only Dominators and Masterminds can take this at Level 41, but Brutes, Soldiers and Widows can pick it up at Level 44.

Learning to Swim

Now that you’ve gotten your shark fins, at Level 44 you get access to the next set of powers. Just like Black Scorpion, you must have at least one previous power in Leviathon Mastery to get these:

  • Level 44 Powers
    • Spirit Shark Jaws - Massive shark jaws attack from below and hold your foe, dealing Lethal damage over time. Flying targets will be pulled to the ground. This power is available to Corruptors and Stalkers, as well as Masterminds at Level 47.

Master of the Sea

Now that you’ve finally reached Level 47, Mako teaches you the last few powers:

  • Level 47 Powers
    • Summon Guardian - With this power, you summon a Coralax Guardian Sentinel to aid you. This living coral henchman will deal Smashing damage to your foes. This power is available to Brutes, Stalkers, Soldiers and Widows. The Sentinel stays to help you for 4 minutes, and it cannot be summoned again for 15 minutes.
    • Summon Coralax - These summoned Coralax Red Hybrids are poor humans infected with living coral, but they deal an effective Ranged Lethal damage to your foes. Corruptors and Dominators get access to this power. The restrictions of how long they stay as well as the recharge rate are the same as Summon Guardian.


Following in Captain Mako’s path definitely gives some interesting powers. They’re unique in nature with regards to the rest of City of Villains, but one noticeable thing is the smaller diversity between the various classes. Black Scorpion by contrast seems to provide more choices, particularly at levels 44 and 47. That doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad choice, but definitely something to keep in mind. In part 4, we’ll move forward to the Patron Ghost Widow and Soul Mastery

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