City of Heroes Exploration Badges Checklist, Find all the CoH Exploration Badges in Rikti War Zone, Siren's Call, Skyway City, and Steel Canyon

City of Heroes Exploration Badges Checklist, Find all the CoH Exploration Badges in Rikti War Zone, Siren's Call, Skyway City, and Steel Canyon
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Easily locate City of Heroes exploration badges using the handy information in this guide.

A quick note on coordinates: Badge locations are given using the in-game coordinate system. Simply use the /loc command to determine your character’s location at any time.

Badges are listed alphabetically by location.

Rikti War Zone Exploration Badges

An Exploration Badge

The Rikti War Zone offers a veritable smorgasbord of exploration badges, 14 in total. The “Ace” badge is found atop the outstretched fist of a large hero statue at 1360, 293, -274. Earn the “Asunder” badge by traveling to the Vanguard outpost at 3956, 35, -3883. Explorers looking for the “Base Jumper” badge need to travel to the reception desk inside the Council building at 3434, 0, 511. Get the “Eyewitness” badge for ascending to the roof of the building at 1740, 218, -6114, just East of the crashed Rikti ship. The “Homewrecker” badge is the reward for finding the marker inside the building with the camouflage netting at 3566, 0, -759. Find the “Junkyard Dog” badge near some broken-down tanks at 1474, 0, -3722. “Lifesaver” is located just outside the Hammond Medical Center at -425, 15, -206. The “Luscious” badge is found in the Bloody Lane neighborhood, at 4243, -24, -1862.

Also found in the Rikti War Zone is the “Powerful” badge; find it in a power plant at 276, 84, -745. Find the “Scarred” badge in front of a pair of ruined tanks at 2951, -116, -2911. Travel to just outside the building bearing the Crey logo at 978, 2, -737 to earn the “Trespasser” badge. The “Unabashed” badge is located inside the crashed Rikti ship at 2947, -18, -5638, requiring players to take down all 18 Rikti pylons to gain access. “Under Fire” is located near a wall covered in graffiti at 1628, 0,-1046. Finally, the “Vanguard Operative” badge is the reward for those who travel inside the Vanguard base to coordinates 388, -1188, -2418, directly under Borea’s feet.

Siren’s Call Exploration Badges

The Siren’s Call zone has four exploration badges: “Broad Shoulders,” found near a monument at 362, -63, -259, “Hangman” or “Hangwoman,” located near a giant vertical piece of concrete at -1193, -165, 1133, “Piratical,” earned by traveling to a grassy area near the lighthouse at -867, -144, 1631, and “Politician,” near a doorway at coordinates 961, 0, -665.

Skyway City Exploration Badges

Badge hunters will find four exploration badges in Skyway City. “Dauntless” is located at -706, 0, -1077, directly in front of the statue of Dauntless. The “Healing Node” badge is located at 1577, -84, -677, near a contact named Vitaly Cherenko. Travel to the basketball court at -1085, -16, -7612 to earn the “Purifier” badge. Skyway’s final badge, “Solace” is located near a delivery truck at 2260, -84, -3367.

Steel Canyon Exploration Badges

Like Skyway City, Steel Canyon also has four badges up for grabs. “Bright Star” is found on the roof of a Paragon City University building at -2987, -36, 1820. Make your way to the outside of the Steel Canyon Medical Center at -1764, 16, 1364 to earn the “Hero Corps Recruit” badge. “Nimble Mynx” is located atop a building in the Silver Lake neighborhood at -2428, 48, -3408. Finally, the “Secret Admirer” badge is located near a telephone pole at -3438, 0, 2536.

Well, badge seeker, you’ve reached the end of part four of our City of Heroes exploration badges guide. Check out the other parts of the guide for information on badges in other zones like Atlas Park, The Hollows, and Galaxy City.

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