City of Heroes Badges Checklist, Find all the CoH Exploration Badges in Abandoned Sewers, Atlas Park, Bloody Bay, and Boomtown

City of Heroes Badges Checklist, Find all the CoH Exploration Badges in Abandoned Sewers, Atlas Park, Bloody Bay, and Boomtown
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These days everyone seems to know about the World of Warcraft achievement system. Performing certain in-game tasks rewards players with achievement points that, while mostly worthless, provide a certain measure of bragging rights within the game.

Few people realize, however, that City of Heroes implemented a similar system long before it was ever announced for inclusion in WoW. The badge system allows players to seek out and earn badges for bragging rights and, unlike the majority of WoWs achievements, in-game rewards known as accolades.

Exploration badges are earned simply by traveling to specific points in the game world. Here’s our rundown of the in-game locations that award exploration badges.

A quick note on coordinates: Badge locations are given using the in-game coordinate system. Simply use the /loc command to determine your character’s location at any time.

Badges are listed alphabetically by location.

Abandoned Sewers Trial Zone

Inside the Abandoned Sewers Trial zone you will find the “Head of the Hydra” badge at coordinates 0, -695, 15. This location is directly under where the hydra spawns.

Atlas Park Exploration Badges

There are six exploration badges in the Atlas Park Zone. “Freedom” is found at 129, 121.5, -641, the base of the flagpole atop City Hall. The “Hero Corps Insider” badge is at 284, 16, -884, just in front of Henry Peter Wong. The “Patriot” badge is earned for traveling to 159.5, -768, -672, which is inside City Hall to the left of the supergroup registration desk. Earn the “Silent Sentinel” badge for finding the marker on the ledge of a building in the Promenade neighborhood located at -608, 70, -1890. The “Top Dog” badge is located at 133.5, 313.5, -340, atop the globe of the Atlas statue just outside City Hall. The final Atlas Park badge is called “Undefeated” and is located atop a building near the Steel Canyon exit of the zone at coordinates 633, 84.5, -2324.

Bloody Bay Exploration Badges

There are four City of Heroes exploration badges in PvP zone Bloody Bay. The “Ghoulish” badge is inside a small building at coordinates 91, 65, 360. The “Hungry” badge is found in the Forgotten Forest at -1194, 0, -743. Earn the “Imploding” badge for visiting a rooftop northeast of Meteor Teen at 1885, 129, 1337. The “Lobbyist” badge is at coordinates 2265, 137, -832, atop the Bloody Bay casino.

Boomtown Exploration Badges

The Boomtown zone has four exploration badges. “Destined for Valhalla” is the reward for those who travel to -4098, 352, 2473, atop two buildings leaning against one another. “Phalanxer” is found in The Fuse neighborhood at -2002, -16, 5180. The “Regal” badge is inside a tunnel in the Powderkeg Neighborhood at -448, 42, 2170. The final Boomtown exploration badge is “Vision of Despair,” located in a pit at coordinates -754, 0, -595.

That’s part one of our City of Heroes exploration badges guide. Check out the rest of the guide for exploration badge locations in zones including Faultline, Galaxy City, and King’s Row.

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