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City of Heroes Exploration Badges, Part 3: The Hollows, Independence Port, King's Row, Perez Park, Pocket D, and Recluse's Victory

by: Benjamin Sell ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Easily locate and earn all the City of Heroes exploration badges in The Hollows, Independence Port, King's Row, Ouroboros, Peregrine Island, Perez Park, Pocket D, and Recluse's Victory using our handy guide. Find detailed locations for each badge, including specific coordinates.

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    City of Heroes by NCSoft Easily locate City of Heroes exploration badges using the handy information in this guide.

    A quick note on coordinates: Badge locations are given using the in-game coordinate system. Simply use the /loc command to determine your character’s location at any time.

    Badges are listed alphabetically by location.

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    Exploration Badges in The Hollows

    Exploration Badge There are five exploration badges to be found in The Hollows. The first, “Backwoodsman,” is found in the middle of a path at -2150, 42, 3332. The “Gangland Fury” badge is located near the edge of a parking lot at -728, -11, -3518. Travel to the ruins of an abandoned building at -749, -539, -1647 to earn the “Geologist” badge. Visit the grassy knoll at -704, 379, 885 to earn the “Parapsychologist” badge. The final exploration badge found in The Hollows is “Seeker of Monsters.” Find it at 21, -345, -1280, near the edge of a broken city section.

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    Independence Port Badges

    The Independence Port zone has three exploration badges for collectors to earn. The first, “Crey Havoc,” is found north of some building ruins at -441, 2, -271. The “Valorous” badge is located atop one of the towers of the Valor Bridge at 947, 609, -1152. Finally, the “Vigorous” badge is found on the roof of a building at -1615, 80, -1872.

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    King's Row Exploration Badges

    Explorers in the King’s Row zone have five badges to earn. “Keen Sighted” is the reward for those who climb the tower at -2176, 97, 1143. Earn the “Mystic King” or “Mystic Queen” badge for ascending to the roof of a building in the Gish at -376, 70.5, 245. The “Smokey” badge is located near a smokestack in the Royal Refinery neighborhood, coordinates -3042, -42, -1357. Find the “Summoned” badge in an alley at -940, -42, 2977.5 and the “Upgraded” badge atop a helipad at -496, 101.5, 768.

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    The Ouroboros Badge

    “Chrononaut” is the only exploration badge found in the Ouroboros zone. Find it on a building spire at 543, 868, -768.

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    Peregrine Island Exploration

    Like Ouroboros, Peregrine Island also has but one exploration badge. Earn the “Portal Parter” badge by traveling to a small island at 3045, 0, 1287.

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    Perez Park Badges

    The Perez Park zone has five exploration badges awaiting discovery. “Around the Bendis” is located outside the boathouse at -875, -31, 3658. The “Avatar” badge is earned by visiting the remains of a hero statue at -1538, -32, 3176. Find the “Doc Whedon” badge on the abandoned dock at -2085, -32, 2853. Travel to the fountain at -1034, 1, 3976 to earn the “Justice Avenger” badge. The final Perez Park exploration badge, “Territorial,” is found on a bridge at -2015, -56, 1586.

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    Exploration Badges in Pocket D

    Two exploration badges are available inside Pocket D. “Big Time” is earned by visiting the top floor of the Monkey Fight Club, coordinates -151, 20, -1369 and “Trucker” is found atop the floating truck outside the nightclub at 200, -3, -1101. “Trucker” can apparently only be reached by utilizing the Ski Chalet during a winter event.

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    Badges in Recluse's Victory

    The Recluse’s Victory zone has four exploration badges. “Globetrotter” is found near a pool of water at 128, 16, -249. Earn the “Last Stand” badge by locating the marker near the dumpster at 1083, 0, -136. The “Ragnarok” badge is the reward for visiting coordinates -848, -15, -352 and the “Temporal Fighter” badge can be found at 1027, 42, -1420 in an alleyway near the monorail station.

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    That's part 3 of our guide to City of Heroes exploration badges. Check out the other sections of the guide for information on badges found in zones like Atlas Park, Crey's Folly, and Skyway City.