Defensive Passive Guide for Champions Online - Regeneration

Defensive Passive Guide for Champions Online - Regeneration
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What are Defensive Passives?

Defensive passives are abilities in Champions Online that go in your passive ability slot and provide some form of protection or damage mitigation. You are only allowed to have one passive ability slotted at a time, so this is a decision you should make carefully. Generally, defensive passives can only be used in the balanced/guardian stance and the defensive/protector stance.

Each passive scales in its protection from one or two stats. This is noted in each section as “STAT FOR SCALING” or “STATS FOR SCALING.” Additional notes are provided there to understand how the stat affects the passive as well. It might be a good idea to read through the Champions Online Guide to Stats at this time as well.

When relevant, Advantages of Note will also be described in each section. If you are planning to take a defensive passive, you will almost always want to raise it to rank 3. As long as it is sitting there in the background working to save your life, you might as well make it as strong as possible.

Regeneration - Supernatural Framework

This passive increases the rate at which you regenerate health. It can be slotted in a defensive or balanced passive slot. As you receive damage, your healing rate will steadily increase, up to a maximum of 250% (at rank 1). The amount of healing decreases over time, especially if you are attacking. But if you start taking damage again, the healing rate will climb back up.

This is considered a very good passive due to the fact that you can always duck around a corner or go into block mode in order to let this power work its magic. It is not good against alpha strikes or huge hits from major bosses. This is a balanced passive that is good in some situations and not so good in others. Overall, it will serve you well.

STAT FOR SCALING: Recovery - increases the amount of healing per tick.

Advantages of Note: None. Higher ranks increase the amount of healing. If you are going to take this ability, you should raise it to rank 3 as soon as possible.

Defensive Passive Guide Continues

So far this guide has only addressed one of the main 5 defensive passives. Continue reading to learn about the other 4. If you have comments or feedback, we recommend that you add them to the final article in the series to keep them all together.

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