Borderlands Cheat, Hints, and Exploits - Survive Borderlands the Game With These Great Borderlands Cheats Xbox 360 Style

Borderlands Cheat, Hints, and Exploits - Survive Borderlands the Game With These Great Borderlands Cheats Xbox 360 Style
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Welcome to the Borderlands

Borderlands the game is a rockin' Xbox 360 journey, which you can read all about in our Xbox 360 review. It can get a little difficult - the best games often are - so we’re here to give you a helping hand with Borderlands cheats, exploits, and hints. Once you’re done with, don’t forget to check out our unlockables guide as well.

Duplicate Any Item Including Borderlands Guns

It’s possible to make a copy of any one of Borderlands guns, shields, or class mods through a clever exploit involving another player. Simply drop whatever it is you want to copy and exit your game without saving. Then your friend can grab the item and you can re-join the game with the item still in your inventory, since you never saved after you dropped it. At this point, you’ll both have the item.

Quick Reload

Whenever you reload in Borderlands, you run the risk of being caught off guard and finished, so this little tip could save your life. When reloading, watch the animation closely. The second you insert more ammunition into the gun, perform a melee attack. This will cut the animation short while still reloading your weapon.

Rack Up EXP and Cash at the Start


When you first fire up a game of Borderlands, there’s a short introductory section where you follow a Claptrap and fend off some bandits. Once you kill everyone here and loot everything around, you can exit the game through the pause menu and it will save your experience and your loot. Once you load the game back up, it will start you back at the beginning, where you can do it all again.

Use an Alternate Character as Storage

If you’re like me, you’re wishing that Borderlands had a way for you to store your items for later use. This would really come in handy when you’re holding onto Borderlands guns that are a level or two higher than you are, just waiting to be able to use them. Well, if you desperately need storage, you can always create an alternate storage character. Just fire up the game in split-screen and give your alt everything you want to store, and vice versa when you want to recover items.

Score an Easy 20,000 EXP


Borderlands is full of challenges that you can complete for experience. One of these challenges requires you to fire 100,000 shots and will net you a whopping 20,000 experience, which is especially helpful when you’re still pretty low level. The easiest way to do this is in a vehicle, as vehicle weapons have infinite ammo. To pull this off with the least amount of work possible, park your vehicle somewhere away from enemies, find a way to keep the trigger held down on it’s own (scotch tape works, but may leave residue), and leave the game alone for a good while. You’ll have to bust out your inner MacGyver to pull this off, but I have faith that gamers are creative.

Unlimited Money and Items

A handy thing to keep in mind when playing Borderlands is that when you save, quit, and reload a game, it resets all the item chests. This is particularly useful in New Haven, as there are item chests scattered all around the town. Just run around to all of the chests, loot all of the items, save, quit, and reload. Repeat this as many times as you’d like, becase as you may have heard, there are literally thousands of different Borderlands guns thanks to the many dfferent stats they all boast.

Be sure to also check all of the surrounding vending machines each time you load. They always have different deals going on and I’ve come across plenty of great Borderlands guns, mods, and shields.

More Borderlands Goodness


Brighthub is the destination for Borderlands info. You can check out our Xbox 360 Borderlands review that I mentioned earlier, as well as our Borderlands unlockables guide. Feel free to use our site search to find even more great info. This is a great game that everyone should experience, and we’re here to make sure it all goes smoothly!

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