Your Free Guide to the Different Unlockables in Borderlands for the Xbox 360

Your Free Guide to the Different Unlockables in Borderlands for the Xbox 360
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Borderlands The Game For The Xbox 360

For those that aren’t familiar with [Borderlands](/video- games/console/reviews/53352.aspx) yet, man, where have you been? Go out and get this fun to play, gory, bloody, slasher, FPS that will have you creating mahem everywhere you go. Here are the great Borderlands unlockables that you need to know about as you go through the game so that you can gather them as you go:

Leveling Unlockables

These are Borderlands unlockables that you’ll earn just by leveling up and are a given as you level throughout the game:

When you hit level 5, you’ll earn “Ding! Newbie”.

When you hit level 10, you’ll earn “Ding! Novice”.

When you hit level 20, you’ll earn “Ding! Expert”.

When you hit level 30, you’ll earn “Ding! Hardcore”.

When you hit level 40, you’ll earn “Ding! Sleepless”.

When you hit level 50, you’ll earn “Ding! Champion”.

Mission Unlockables

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These are different Borderlands unlockables that you’ll earn through doing different missions (these are only the single player mission unlockables, the multiplayer unlocks that deal with multiplayer modes are listed in that section):

When you finish up 5 different missions in the Arid Badlands, you’ll get “Paid in Fyrestone”.

When you finish up all of the different missions that are in the Arid Badlands, you’ll get “Made in Fyrestone”.

When you finish up 5 different missions in the Rust Commons, you’ll get “Made in New Haven”.

When you find and then apply an elemental artifact to any different thing in Borderlands, you’ll earn “You call this archaeology?”.

Discovery Unlockables

These are unlockables in Borderlands the game that you’ll get just as you walk around and explore different areas:

By going through Skag Gully, you’ll get “Discovered Skag Gully”… duh.

When you finally hit Sledge’s Safe House, you’ll get that discovery unlockable.

You will also get discovery unlockables that just tell you you have discovered the following areas in Borderlands the game:

Headstone Mine

Trash Coast

Crimson Lance Enclave

The Scrapyard

Eridian Promontory

Krom’s Canyon

Kill Unlockables

These are unlockables in Borderlands for the Xbox 360 that you’ll get as you kill different types and numbers of mobs throughout the game:

When you kill a mob just by stomping it’s head out, you’ll earn “My Brother is an Italian Plumber” - homage to Mario and Luigi I assume…

Here’s a fun one to earn, whack 25 different mobs by running over them with any type of vehicle, and you’ll get “Get A Little Blood On The Tires!”.

When you take out 25 mobs with some type of corrosive weapon, you’ll earn the unlock “Facemelter”… wow, what could be better than that title?

Of course, if you take out 25 mobs with any type of shock weapon, you’ll get the “1.21 Gigawatts” unlock… hmmm, where’s Marty McFly when you need him?

What firebug won’t love this unlockable? Take out 25 mobs with any type of fire weapon, and you’ll get the “Pyro” unlock.

Take out 25 mobs with any type of exploding weapon, and you’ll get “Master Exploder”.

borderlands ss5

Sirens, kill a mob with your action skill and you’ll get “Truly Outrageous”.

Hunters, kill 15 different mobs with your action skill and you’ll earn “Careful, He Bites”.

Soldiers, kill 15 different mobs with your action skill and you’ll get the unlock “Down in Front!”.

Beserkers, kill 15 mobs with your fun action skill and you will then unlock “Reckless Abandon”.

Boss Unlockables

These are the great unlockables that you will get if you can kill certain bosses in specific times, ways, and so on:

If you can whack Rakk in less than 10 seconds, you’ll get “Rootinest, Tootinest, Shootinest” unlockable.

Kill off Flynt, and you’ll get the unlock “Wanted: Flynt”.

Kill off Krom, and you’ll earn the unlock “Wanted: Krom”.

Kill off Sledge, and you will get “Wanted: Sledge” (you didn’t see that coming did you…).

Whack the boss in the Vault, and you’ll get the unlock “Destroyed the Destroyer”.

Kill off the Rakk Hive boss and you’ll then get the unlock “Destroyed the Hive”, which is always fun.

Multi-Player Unlockables

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These are the fun unlockables in Borderlands that you’ll earn as you play in different multiplayer modes in the game:

After you have finished up 15 different missions in multiplayer mode, you’ll get “There is No “I” In “Team””.

When you win any arena match, you’ll get this funny unlockable “Can’t We Get BEYOND Thunderdome?”… wow, bet Mel Gibson is happy with that one.

Simply win any duel with another gamer, either friend or foe, and you’ll get this un-imaginative unlockable “Duel-icious”.

If you manage to take on another player and win the duel without any damage to yourself, you’ll get the unlock “Duelinator”.

Of course, it’s not just fighting and kills against other gamers that earn you unlockables. If you manage to rescue one of your friends from a certain death, you’ll get “Group LF Healer”.

Finish off any of the different bosses in the game with a buddy in multiplayer mode, and you’ll get “United We Stand”.

*** SPECIAL UNLOCKABLE: This one is hard to do, but if you manage to play in a multi-player or co-op game with someone that has this unlock OR if you can get in a co-op with a Gearbox employee, you’ll get “And They’ll Tell Two Friends”. You will truly be the one to look up to then.

Misc Unlockables

These are just all of those other unlockables that you’ll come across in Borderlands the game as you play - while some are odd, these are still some that you’ll want to try to get:

In Ludicrous Speedway, if you can go all the way around it in less than 31 seconds, you’ll earn “Speedy McSpeederton”.

Want to be the “Pandora-dog Millionaire”? Simply gather up $1,000,000.

After you sell off 50 different guns to any shop, you’ll earn the “Fence” unlockable.

When you get any proficiency with a weapon in the game that is level 10+, you’ll get the “Weapon Aficionado” unlock.

As you work on your character in Borderlands the game, if you equip any type of modification for your class (which you will), you’ll get “There are some who call me… Tim” - gee, I was hoping it was “Tater Salad”, but that’s ok.

If you are lucky enough in the game to get enough Claptraps to gain 42 different inventory holds, you’ll get the unlock “Fully Loaded”.

Manage to get yourself on a boat in Borderlands, somewhere that you will never consider yourself being on, and you’ll get “You’re on a boat!”.

When you manage to master the technology that is on Pandora (after you have found, killed the boss, and unlocked the Vault) you’ll earn the super unlockable in Borderlands “12 Days of Pandora”.

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