Borderlands - A Look at the Xbox 360/PC/PS3 Post Apocalyptic Wasteland RPS game filled with Guns, Alien Scags and Loot.

Borderlands - A Look at the  Xbox 360/PC/PS3 Post Apocalyptic Wasteland RPS game filled with Guns, Alien Scags and Loot.
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What it’s about

Borderlands is a sci-fi futuristic, first person/RPS style game set in a post apocalyptic wasteland planet called Pandora. Your character travels there to search for alien treasure. Hostile aliens known as “Scags” seek to kill you off in a variety of ways.

Game Play

The game is a role-playing, shooter game (RPS) with high tech action. You can choose to play as a soldier, hunter or siren. You can then choose their specialty from a selection of character classes that have various strengths and weaknesses.

You can gain levels as you earn experience in the game with combat and other actions. As you advance, modify or add new skills to your character through a special computer terminal.


The most interesting feature about the game is the new “content generation system” that can randomly generate characters, scenarios and missions every time you play a new game. This dynamic addition will give every player a difference giving Borderlands a high replay value. It will also make the game more challenging, since maps cannot be memorized (like in most RPG games).

Borderlands is designed for solo, co-op and online play. However, the game provides a bigger challenge with the co-op or online play. Gamers who play with groups of friends will also like the “seat exchange” system that allows you to swap places with other players during the game.

Loot is plentiful in this game. Every quest and enemy encounter can result it obtaining new items or cash.

Weapons are a big deal in Borderlands. Over 650,000 different weapons will be available. Their strength and properties vary by region. Ammunition can be automatically generated at anytime with the use of your character’s digital backpack. Color coding helps you determine if an acquired weapon is better than the one you are currently using. Weapons can also be easily sold or purchased for cash.


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