Free Batman Arkham Asylum Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Beat Batman Arkham Asylum On The PS3

Free Batman Arkham Asylum Guide - Everything You Need To Know To Beat Batman Arkham Asylum On The PS3
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Batman Arkham Asylum - Go Get It Now!

When I heard that Batman Arkham Asylum was coming out, saw the beautiful graphics that it carried, and saw the trailers that came out - I was already hooked. I only prayed that the game would really be as great as they were making it out to be. Well, this is one of those cases where all of the hype really didn’t even give the Batman game as much credit that it should have.

But, don’t think that this is one of those pansy games - in fact, it took me a while to get through some areas of the game and get past some of the bosses. Overall, this is one of those games that me and my kids took hours playing to beat. We all completely loved this game and still play it constantly.

To help those of you out there that haven’t gotten their paws on Batman Arkham Asylum yet, I’ve put together a complete free Batman Arkham Asylum guide to help you get through the game, help you beat the bosses, and solve all of those pesky riddles that the Riddler will throw at you.

Batman Arkham Asylum Villians

Ready to face all of the super villians in Batman Arkham Asylum? While you’ll meet way to many, there are just a few that you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye out for - as these Batman Arkham Asylum villians can really knock you for a loop. Here are the main villians in Batman Arkham Asylum that you need to watch for:

The Joker

batman joker photo

Who doesn’t love the Joker? Whether you prefer Heath Ledger’s character or Jack Nickelson’s - the Joker has been a staple of Batman games and movies and cartoons for several decades. And, he’s here again in Batman Arkham Asylum. Here are some of the main things you need to watch for with him:

-He’s actually really strong when you are in face-to-face melee combat with him, so don’t underestimate him.

-He loves weapons, so you have to make sure to kill him quickly as he can easily pull out a new weapon seemingly from no where.

-He still uses that great toxin that will put a big “smile” on his victim’s faces.

Harley Quinn

batman harley photo

The Joker’s old sidekick, Harley Quinn, is back in Batman Arkham Asylum and she packs a mean punch. Story goes that she was actually a doctor that was assigned to help the Joker when he was first put into Arkham Asylum, but fell in love with him instead and helped him escape. She then created her own villain persona and became a super villain. here are some of her main things you’ll want to watch for in Batman Arkham Asylum:

-She’s actually really strong as well, although not quite as strong as the Joker, but still beware.

-She’s very agile and can move extremely fast and get out of some areas where you wouldn’t expect her to.


batman bane photo

Poison Ivy’s sidekick is by far one of the most dangerous foes that Batman has ever come up against, and in Batman Arkham Asylum it’s no different. He is one that you really have to watch out for:

-He’s not as stupid as you might think, in fact he’s actually one that will really pull some major strategic moves on you so watch out.

-You already know he’s extremely strong, and he may just be one of the strongest bosses that you’ll come up against.

Killer Croc

batman killer croc

This is one Batman Arkham Asylum villain that you might not be that familiar with if you aren’t a long time Batman comic fan. But, he does appear here in this new game, so you want to make sure that you keep an eye out for him:

-He has extremely sharp claws that will do some damage if you aren’t careful.

-His skin is super strong and thick, so you’ll have to really do some major damage to hurt him.

-He’s also extremely strong and you will find that he’s a major foe to overcome in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Moving On…

There is only one more Batman Arkham Asylum villain that you’ll need to worry about, and then we’ll go through the Riddler and what you need to know about the riddles that he’ll throw at you.


batman zsasz photo

Another one of those Batman Arkham Asylum villians that you might not be familiar with if you aren’t a fan, Zsasz is someone that is not to be messed with. In fact, if you aren’t paying attention, you will end up on the groun before you know it.

-He’s fast and agile, so he can move quicker than you’d think.

-You want to kill him quickly so that you don’t have to watch your back too long. He can really do some damage if you don’t keep an eye on him.

The Riddler

Throughout Batman Arkham Asylum, the Riddler will throw out some riddles in every single section and area that you go into. Make sure that you know what to do - here are the different Riddler guides that you’ll need to complete the riddles and beat him:

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