Batman Arkham Asylum Cheats: PC

Batman Arkham Asylum Cheats: PC
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Introduction - Batman Arkham Asylum Cheats: PC

Batman Arkham Asylum - PC

Batman Arkham Asylum on PC was a brilliant game. The graphics were great, the moves were uber cool and the game was well received by critics. Though it isn’t the toughest title on the block, on the higher difficulty levels, it can get on your nerves.

The hints below are meant to help you out when you’re stuck somewhere or when you want a specific unlock but can’t really find how to unlock it.

Level Selection

You can select where you start the game, by opening your “BmGame.ini” (in your “Documents\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\BmGame\Config” folder and changing the following line:

(Remember to back up the file before editing)

DebugLevelStarts=(Name=“FE_NewGame”,LevelNames=“startbatentry?Area=Max,Max_C0,Max_C0_Audio,Max_C0_CLights,Max_C0_FX,Max_C0_Lights,Max_C0_Static,Max_A1,Max_A1_Audio,Max_A1_CH1,Max_A1_CLights,Max_A1_Fx,Max_A1_Lights,Max_A1_Static,Max_IntroParty,Max_IntroAudio?Flags=Chapter1_Start,gamestart,Batman_AbilitiesScreenDisabled,Batman_EnvAnalysisDisabled,Batman _RiddlesDisabled,Batman_RiddlerChallengesDisabled? Start=BeginGame?Movie=101_Batmobile_Intro?StreamMovie”)

This controls the game’s behavior, once you selct “new game”.

Mark the line with a semicolon ( ; ), so the game will skip it during loading.

Thugs vs. Batmobile

Then add the following line directly underneath it:

DebugLevelStarts=(Name=“FE_NewGame”, LevelNames=“start batentry?Area=Overworld,Overworld_A1,Overworld_A1_ Audio,Overworld_A1_CLights,Overworld_A1_FX,Overwor ld_A1_Lights,Overworld_A1_Static,Overworld_A1_Tunnel”)

Using the above method you will only get an empty area. If you want to jump into the action, you have to use flags at the end of the line.


DebugLevelStarts=(Name=“FE_NewGame”, LevelNames=“start batentry?Area=Overworld,Overworld_A1,Overworld_A1_Audio,Overworld_A1_CLights,Overworld_A1_FX,Overworld_A1_Lights,Overworld_A1_Static,Overworld_A1_Tunnel?Flags=Chapter2_Start,Unlocked_

This one will make you arrive on the scene just as the thugs are bashing the Batmobile.

Level Selection Flags

Now here are the flags that will work with the above method.

Chapter[Add 1-7 here]_Start - necessary to get enemy spawns (The tutorial is Chapter 1, Chapter 2 is Arkham Island, etc.)

Unlocked_Health1 - Health upgrade 1 (log into WayneTech once)

Unlocked_Health2 - Health upgrade 2 (log into WayneTech once)

Unlocked_Health3 - Health upgrade 3 (log into WayneTech once)

Unlocked_Health4 - Health upgrade 4 (log into WayneTech once)

Equip_HarpoonGunLv2 - Get BatClaw (requires restart from checkpoint)

Equip_LineLauncher - Get Line Launcher (requires restart from checkpoint)

Equip_ExplosiveGoo - Get Explosive Gel (requires restart from checkpoint)

Equip_Resonator2 - Get Electric lockpick (requires restart from checkpoint)

Upgrades and moves that aren’t specially mentioned (sometimes required, like LedgeGrab - the required ones for later levels are marked with an asterisk *). These usually require you to log into WayneTech (press TAB and then 1) at least once:





















These Batman Arkham Asylum (PC) Cheats work best if you start in the Overworld level and leave for one of the other areas for a moment. This seems to get most of the scripts to restart and you can go on with the game as you are supposed to in whatever chapter you chose. If you wish to play level 5 and the joker sequence, you also have to add the flag “Ch5_Unlock_C1_A1” and at least one other flag (which I sadly haven’t found yet), or else the doors between Area A1 (the weapon scanner/gargoyle challenge) and Corridor C1 (where you get the x-ray weapon view for the first time) will remain locked.


Give yourself only the normal Batclaw, not the advanced one using this cheat. I’ve had trouble with the Tri-Claw. If you’re looking for achievements and easter eggs, head here.

Batman Arkham Asylum

To all of you who get the feel of being the Dark Knight but aren’t truly able to bring fear to the hearts of the villains you encounter in Arkham Asylum, I believe the Level Selection Cheat will be a great aid.