How to Finish the Riddler's Riddles in Batman Arkham Asylum and Gain the Awesome Achievement For Beating Him

How to Finish the Riddler's Riddles in Batman Arkham Asylum and Gain the Awesome Achievement For Beating Him
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Holy Riddles Batman…

Well, not really. By now, you’re probably finding that the Riddler’s riddles in Batman Arkham Asylum are becoming easier to understand and solve. But, he still will throw some odd ones at you that are a bit hard to find in the remaining areas of the game. So, to help you through, here are the last of the PS3 walkthroughs for Batman Arkham Asylum to solve the rest of the Riddler’s riddles. Have fun my friend!

Botanical Gardens

In the Glasshouse Entrance:

“Is the number up for these guards?” is your first riddle here. Simply scan the guards that are already dead on your left when you walk into the glasshouse and you’re done.

In the Botanical Glasshouse:

“What time is tea time in Wonderland?” will be your next riddle. Just head over to the left side of the big fountain and look for the planter there. You’ll see a tray that has a tea set on it and it will complete the riddle when you scan it.

In the Statue Corridor:

“Remember the Waynes? How could anyone forget?” is your next one, and you just have to find the benches here with name plates. Zoom in on them until you find the one with the Wayne’s names on it to complete the riddle.

In the Flooded Corridor:

“The Ratcatcher needed more than just charm to lead his army.” For this riddle, you have to crawl through the vent after the wonderful Joker will block your way. While you’re doing this, look down through the grates that you come across and you’ll see the Ratcatcher’s costume below. This will complete your riddle.

Then, you’ll hear “Looks like all the king’s horses trampled all the king’s men.” Just find the benches and zoom in on them to find the wooden soldiers that are broken on top of one of them.

Next, you’ll get the riddle “Is this s tribute to what a mad dog left behind?” and you just need to find a statue with no head and zoom in on the plaque on it that’s been vandalized.

In the Aviary:

“There’s no closet in the gardens, so someone is using the roof instead.” While this one is a weird one, you simply have to sneak past the Joker’s mobs and climb up the wall on the left. When you get to the top, you’ll come out right across from the control room that you need to head toward. While you’re headed toward it, look over to your left and you will see a drop. Down in it, there is a skeleton that is hanging out, just zoom in on him and you’re done.

In the Abandoned Chamber:

“This challenge can only be seen by those with a different view on life.” is your last riddle here in the Botanical Gardens. To finish this, get to the door that is at the top part of the chamber that heads to the final room. Go to your left and climb across the wall, then head to the middle of the room and look over to the platform that’s on the left side of the door. (This is the same platform that you had to use to get to the part of the wall that you climbed across just now.) You’ll see part of the “?” that you need on the platform that you’re on, and the other part is on the lower one. That will complete the last riddle here.

Arkham Island West

When you get here, there are three riddles that you’ll need to solve:

“Does Scarecrow’s gas break down barriers as it drives you insane?” is your first riddle and you’ll need the Bat Claw that is upgraded to finish this one. Find the breakable wall here and knock it down. This wall is way up to the east exit area, high up in that area. Break it wil the bat claw and then go up into that smashed part to find the Scarecrow’s gas cans.

Then, you’ll get “Zsasz is counting on you to find his work.” and you’ll need the Cryptographics Sequencer that is upgraded to finish this one. Head into the largest building on your left, and go up into one of the top rooms. Knock down the barrier that’s there and you will see a group of guards that are dead - but they look like they were playing poker when they died.

The last riddle here is “Do you see what I see? No? Then maybe I am in a stronger position.” Make sure that you’re in detective mode and then go onto the platform that’s right in front of the barrier there where the riddle is. You’ll need to look down from the edge and you’ll see part of the “?", the dot is on the platform that you’re already on, just scan around til you find it.

Arkham East

Here, you’ll also find get three riddles, but they are really easy. The first is “The legacy of this island has been well and truly buried.” Just go to the cemetery and find the grave that’s been dug up already. There’s a lantern next to it, you can’t miss it.

Then, you’ll get “Gotham’s greatest family towers over the city”. To finish this one, just scan the horizon here and you’ll see the WayneTech skyscraper in the distance.

The last riddle here is “My challenge appears to those with the correct position in life.” This one is a bit harder, but not bad. Just climb up the left side of the mansion and grapple over to the first platform. Then, follow the platform around the tower toward the back and grapple up again to the next one. Then, put on detective mode and scan down on the rooftops. You cannot miss the massive “?” there. You’ll find the dot to this on the platform where you’re standing to finish the riddle.

Arkham North

This is the last area where you need to find and solve the riddles, which once again, are only three. The first one is “Now I see it, now you don’t!". To find this “?", you just have to look on the underside of the doorframes that are in the torn down building that is in the corner. Stand outside of the door and look up into the doorframe so that you can see it.

Then, you’ll get “Let’s face it, there are two Dents on the wall.” and you need the Cryptographics Sequencer for this one. Go into the small huts and you will just have to look for the Harvey Dent posters there. Bam, done… just like that.

The last one is “Tweedledum and Tweedledee saw it, can you see it?” All you have to do is find the see-saw on the top part of the map that is by the gates to this area and you have just completed all of the riddles in Batman Arkham Asylum.

Let’s Go Home Batman

And now you’ve completed all of the riddles in Batman Arkham Asylum and gotten your trophy. How cool are you that you just went through the whole game and got every riddle when your friends had no clue?

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