Batman Arkham Asylum Walkthrough: Your Free PS3 Cheats Guide To Unlockables in Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum Walkthrough: Your Free PS3 Cheats Guide To Unlockables in Batman Arkham Asylum
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Batman Arkham Asylum Unlockables and Achievements

For those that are ready to delve into the world of Batman, there are so many great unlockables in Batman Arkham Asylum that you might have a hard time mastering them all. For those ready to take them on, here is your list of unlockables that you’ll want to begin to master. Of course, there are even more items, trophies, and achievements that you can unlock by completeing certain things in Batman Arkham Asylum:

General Achievements and Trophies

Kill all of the henchmen that are celebrating at your party when you arrive and you get the Party Pooper trophy.

To get the Night Glider achievement, you need to make Batman glide for over 100 meters without jumping, using a rope, or anything else.

To get the Rope-a-dope-a-dope trophy, you need to grab up a henchman and then drop him on a second henchman to surprise him.

Mano-A-Mano trophy means that you beat the Titan henchman and don’t use a single Batarang.

To get the Catch! Trophy, you catch a Batarang - which is pretty easy to do.

To get the Freakshow Rodeo achievement, you simply have to ride the Titan henchman until you have pushed down 10 mobs. This is a fun achievement to get!

If you can get the Spirit of Amadeus Arkham to reveal itself, then you will get the World’s Greatest Detective achievement - which is NOT an easy task.

Beat 100% of the whole game, every area, and you will get the Perfect Knight achievement.

Get every other trophy in the whole game and you’ll get the Platinum trophy.

Beat Zsasz and get the Shocking Rescue achievement.

While you’re at it, save Dr. Young from Victor Zsasz and you will get the Zsasz Cut Down To Size achievement.

If you manage to save all of the guards and the henchmen from the toxin that the Joker puts out, you’ll get the Leave No Man Behind achievement.

Somehow you manage to not die during the massive waves of deformed henchmen that the Joker sends your way and you’ll get the Malpractice Needs More Practice trophy.

Get out of the Intensive Treatment up to the surface of the island and you’ll get the Born Free achievement.

Want Just What The Doctors Ordered you need to save all of the doctors in the medical area of Batman Arkham Asylum.

Are you a Daydreamer? If you managed to survive the onslaught of the fear gas from the Scarecrow then you will be.

When you Resist The Fear by beating all of the effects of the fear gas then you’ll gain this achievement.

Miss Bane from the older Batman movies? Well, if you can defeat him this time you get the Baneful Payback achievement.

When the Joker takes and locks you out of Wayne Manor, get back in and you will get the Breaking and Entering achievement.

When you finally face your fears in Batman Arkham Asylum, you’ll get the Recurring Nightmare trophy.

Poor Harley, if you can capture her and lock her up, you’ll get the Solitary Confinement trophy.

Beat two henchmen at one time and you’ll easily get the Double Trouble achievement.

Killer crock? In Batman Arkham Asylum, if you can go into the croc’s lair and live to tell the tale, then you’ll get the Crocodile Tears trophy.

Take down the giant poison ivy plant and you’ll get the Poisoned Ivy achievement.

Riddler Acheivements

There are several achievements in Batman Arkham Asylum that revolve around the Riddler, or E Nigma. Here they are:

Beat 5% of the riddles on the island and you’ll get the Arkham Analyst achievement.

Beat 10% and you get the Cryptic Investigator trophy.

Beat 25% and you then get the Lateral Thinker achievement.

Beat 40% of the riddles and you’ll then get the achievement Mystery Solver.

To be a Conundrum Cracker, you need to beat 55% of the riddles.

Want to be a Mental Athlete? Beat 70% of his riddles and you will gain this achievement.

Beat 85% of the riddles and you’ll get the trophy Riddle Resolver.

Crack the E Nigma means that you managed to beat every single riddle on the island that he has put down.

Freeflow Achievements:

To get the Freeflow Combo 5, you simply do 5 combos in a row, and to get the Freeflow Combo 10 you do 10 combos in a row.

If you can complete 20 combo moves in a row in any mode, you will get the Freeflow Combo 20 trophy.

If you can complete 40 combo moves in a row (again in any mode), you will get the Freeflow Combo 40 trophy.

To get the Freeflow Perfection achievement, you need to perform a perfect combo which means that you have to do all of Batman’s signature moves available to you in a row. This is actually a bit hard to do, and you will have to try to do it throughout the game.

Freeflow Bronze achievement means that you have managed to get 8 different medals for different combat challenges.

The Freeflow Silver achievement means that you got 16 medals for different combat challenges.

When you get 24 different medals for combat challenges, you’ll get the Freeflow Gold achievement.

There is a special achievement, called the Flawless Freeflow Fighter, which means that you completed a combat challenge without any damage to yourself.

Predator Achievements

There are a few Predator achievements that you can gather up too, that are similiar to the Freeflow Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

You can get the Predator Bronze achievement for completing 8 medals on the different predator challenges.

The Predator Silver achievement is for getting 16 medals, and the Predator Gold is for getting 24 predator medals.

And, the Invisible Predator is special, you have to get one predator challenge completed by using only your Silent Takedowns.

Unlockables: Different Modes

There are different modes that you can unlock for special trophies and achievements in Batman Arkham Asylum:

To unlock the Big Bang, you need to finish the entire story mode on the Easy setting.

To unlock the Bigger Bang, you need to finish the entire story mode on Normal setting.

To unlock the Biggest Bang, you need to finish the entire story mode on the Hard setting.