Atlantica Online Spearman Mercenary Guide - Understanding the Spearman's Stats

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The Spearman’s Stats

The Spearman’s usefulness comes from his high Attack Power and Strength, with the other stats backing up his fighting abilities nicely. With his reasonably high Defense and Vitality, the Spearman can take a fair amount of damage, more than most Class D mercenaries, but he is definitely defensively weaker than his counterpart the Swordsman. The Spearman’s Magic Defense is quite low as well, making him quite susceptible to magical attacks.

The Spearman’s starting stats are as follows:

  • Strength: 310
  • Intelligence: 120
  • Dexterity: 210
  • Vitality: 240
  • Defense: 330
  • Magic Defense: 110
  • Action Power: 70-80
  • Attack Power: Great

In general, it is best to give Spearmen equipment which increases his Strength, for increasing weapon damage, and Dexterity and Vitality, for increasing his ability to dodge attacks and stay alive for a greater length of time.

Stastical Strengths & Weaknesses of the Spearman

The Spearman really can deal out a fairly high amount of damage, particularly if he gets in several strikes in a single attack. His Attack Power is substantial enough that it’s likely that you’ll get at least 2 strikes per attack from your Spearman. However, true tanking mercenaries like the Swordsman or other class C mercenaries like the Lady Knight, Spartan, or Beast Tamer will have little trouble withstanding the Spearman’s attacks.

The weakness of the Spearman is his low defensive abilities, which could make the class not worth including in your party. The Spearman is a melee mercenary, and one of the most important roles of melee mercenaries is to be on the front lines, blocking damage and preventing your defensively weaker but offensively more powerful mercenaries in the back ranks from being in danger. While the Spearman is able to deal out pretty good damage, if you have him on the front lines, there’s a good chance that he’ll die with a couple of rounds of focused attacks by the enemy, which then creates a substantial hole for the opponent to use to wreak havoc on your back rank units.

You could put the Spearman in a rank further back behind a true tanking merc to alleviate this, but those spots are better filled by the offensively more powerful mercenaries, such as the Gunner, Artilleryman, and Archer, or mercenaries with other sorts of usefulness, such as the Shaman and Monk. Having a mercenary in your back ranks whose only capability is attacking the front ranks of your opponent is not the best tactical situation - it leads to one-dimensional options in battle, giving your opponent more sure-fire strategies to use to ultimately finish off your entire party.

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