Atlantica Online Spearman Guide - The Long-Term Viability of the Spearman Class in AO

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Long-Term Viability of the Spearman

In the longer term, Spearmen ultimately end up being one of the less viable classes to keep in your formation. The Swordsman is a better tank, and several even better tanks arrive in the late game, such as the Exorcist, Beast Tamer, Spartan, and Lady Knight. The Spearman’s main strength, their damage output ultimately pales in comparison to later mercenaries who can dish out more damage than the Spearman, such as the Cannoneer, Witch, Beast Tamer, and Inventor, along with a number of other more damaging classes.

Spearmen are useful in the early game for gunner/spear builds, but by level 60 or so they become obsolete as a large number of other more powerful mercenaries enter the scene. There really is no final build in which Spearmen are a good addition, in the final game they can only be a liability, and I personally feel that it’s a better choice to raise up your Monk, and any Gunners or Artillerymen from the very beginning, if you plan to use them in your final build, otherwise you’re just going to end up throwing all those Gunners and Spears away in the late game when the Lady Knight, Spartan, Witch, Exorcist, Beast Tamer, and all of the other mercenaries become common at your level.

Parties with all of these mercenaries in them ultimately have a ton more flexibility than a build like the Spear/Gunner formation, and things like the Princess’s ranged damage debuff or stun formations could easily wreak havok upon such a formation, leaving the Spear/Gunners with no counter to these superior Class C builds.

Spearmen Summarized

If you want to have a very strong PvP build in the early game, a team consisting of Spearmen and Gunners can do a great job of tearing your opponent’s formation apart before they have a chance to retaliate. But in the long run, the Spearman is a rather weak class, compared to pretty much all of the Class C mercenaries. The Spearman’s value compared to class D mercenaries like the Swordsman, Viking, Gunner, Archer, Monk, and Shaman is arguable as well, as each of these classes have skills which are much more complementary to a variety of builds, while the Spear/Gunner build is almost the only build in which Spearmen are a viable choice.

The best part of Atlantica Online is the strategy involved in assembling your party, and engaging in the tactics of battle in the various encounters, whether they be PvP, or PvE. Success in Atlantica Online comes from knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your mercs, and using them all to their highest potential. Atlantica Online is a great game, lots of fun and it really is the first tactical MMORPG. I wish you the best in your battles in AO, may they all end in victory. Enjoy the game!

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