The Punisher Take on the PS2 and Cheats

The Punisher is On the Loose

The Punisher is all about justice – no revenge more likely. But at least he’s honest about it. So don’t expect Disney to have taken over this guy yet – he’d kill any Mouse that got in his way, PS2 or not. You can help by remembering that brains need to be mixed with the bullets and other mayhem. Of course the Punisher could always use a little help, so here’s a few secrets of the game that could prove useful.

Weapons are Fun – For Killing


What would you do without weapons (use your bare hands, I guess…)? There’s plenty to work with, and completing levels adds to your arsenal. But there’s a few tricks that can help too:

Switch between weapons to automatically reload. This will be faster than having to do a manual reload of a weapon, and can be especially useful when there’s lots of targets.

Special tactical reloads can be done quickly by pressing X to reload a weapon and then pressing R2 in any direction.

Don’t rush into a room – there’s no time limit so take your time getting ready for what’s going to happen inside. And pick the weapon that will do the best job considering the location.

Visiting Pier 74 twice will yield you an additional weapon: an anti-tank weapon that can be very useful.

Enemies are Fun – To Kill


What would we do without enemies? But then again, what are we going to DO with enemies? Pretty much everything you can think of, is what. Here’s a few things that might have escaped your attention:

Enemies can be interrogated to reveal all kinds of secrets. For a special interrogation, grab a human shield and take him over to a white skull zone.

To hear what an enemy being interrogated is saying if he’s mumbling, turn on the subtitles so you can read it. Go to Options on the Apartment menu and select "Closed Caption".

Break an enemy by getting their stress level down to zero. Just work them over so that their stress level gets into the Orange zone – then their stress level number will change to 3, then 2, then 1, then zero.

Kill everyone with precision when jumping out of the casket in the Funeral home. This will give you more points than just spraying the room with bullets. Leave one guy alive to use as a human shield – he’ll come in handy soon.

Grabbing a human shield is a good way to manage a situation while taking out the enemy (head shots, anyone?).

Interrogating an enemy first who keeps coming back to "life" can be followed by killing him.

Outfits are Fun – To Wear


You wouldn’t call the Punisher a fashion maven – but it’s surprising just how many outfits he has working for him in the game. Providing you know what to do of course. Here’s how to get the dressing room into play:

Create a new profile and put in "NAILGUN" to unlock the classic Punisher outfit.

Create a new profile and put in "WOODCHIPPER" to unlock the Punisher outfit from the 1990s.

Create a new profile and put in "CEILINGFAN" to unlock the modern Punisher outfit.

Now that you’re a fashion-plate, it’s time to hit the streets and show the world just what the Punisher – and you -are made of.

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