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WWE SmackDown vs Raw - PS2 Cheats You Have To Know

by: Doctor Awesome ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2009 continues the professional wrestling franchise's success for another year. Get the most out of the game with this free PS2 cheats and unlocks guide.

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    WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 Cheats for PS2

    wwecover The title really says it all. Unfortunately, not all of us were born with the natural ability to lay the smackdown. While I don't suffer from that problem, I recognize that some do, so this article of WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 cheats for PS2 should help.

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    Unlockable Characters for the WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Roster

    wwe2009 There are plenty of additional characters to unlock in WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2009 on top of the readily-available ones. Below are characters that can be unlocked by entering the correct passwords in the in-game cheats menu.

    Classic Chris Jericho - AltJerichoModelSvR09

    Hornswoggle as a Manager - HornswoggleAsManager

    Layla - UnlockECWDivaLayla09

    Tazz - UnlockECWTazzSvR2009

    Gene Snitsky - UnlockSnitskySvR2009

    Hawkins and Ryder Tag Team - Ryder & HawkinsTagTeam

    Boogeyman - BoogeymanEatsWorms!!

    Jillian Hall - PlayAsJillianHallSvR

    Vince McMahon - VinceMcMahonNoChance

    Ric Flair - FlairWoooooooooooooo (that's 14 o's)

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    WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Road to Wrestlemania Unlockables

    wwe20092 There are plenty of things to unlock on the Road to Wrestlemania and here we tell you how. Keep in mind, some of the things on this list can be unlocked by simply entering some of the cheats listed above.

    To unlock CAW Moveset 1, play RTWN with Batista and Rey. Have Batista win the Rumble, Rey lose to Edge at NWO, and Rey lose the tag titles to Morrison and Miz.

    To unlock CAW Moveset 2, do the opposite of the above. Rey needs to win the Rumble and Batista needs to lose to Edge and Morrison and Miz.

    For CAW Moveset 3, play HHH's RTWM and pin Edge in the triple threat match.

    If you want to earn Classic Chris Jericho the hard way, playing Jericho's RTWM and question Jeff Hardy about being the Masked Man, and then defeat him in the ensuing match.

    To unlock the D-Generation X attire, entrance music, video, and animations, beat HHH's RTWM.

    To get Finlay's zombie attire, play Undertaker's RTWM and help Rey beat Finlay. Help Rey beat Santino to unlock Santino's zombie attire.

    By beating Undertaker's RTWM, you'll also unlock the Brothers of Destruction entrance and The Boogeyman.

    To unlock Evolution's music and video, play HHH's RTWM and beat Batista in under two minutes thirty seconds.

    To get Layla, play CM Punk's RTWM and defeat Big Daddy V at the No Way Out PPV in under two minutes thirty seconds.

    For CM Punk's alternate attire, play his RTWM and put Elijah Burke through a table.

    To unlock Hornswoggle as a manager, play Undertaker's RTWM. Defeat Santino Marella and then defeat Finlay in a shorter time.

    Finish Rey and Batista's RTWM to unlock Vince McMahon.

    To unlock Masked Man, complete RTWM with Chris Jericho.

    To unlock Tazz, complete CM Punk's RTWM.

    In Cena's RTWM, make the MVP bleed to unlock Snitsky.

    Defeat the MVP by submission to unlock the Tribute to the Troops arena.

    To unlock the Gauntlet Match and the WWE Jeep, finish Cena's RTWM.

    You can also unlock Tony by playing Cena's RTWM. To do so, give both Umaga and Regal an FU.

    To unlock the Code Tron Video, accuse Kennedy of being the Masked Man.

    To earn the WCW Heavyweight Belt and WCW Faction, pin Finlay in week 3 of Chris Jericho's RTWM.

    To unlock the Backstage Area, play CM Punk's RTWM and pin Morrison in the triple threat match with Big Daddy V and Morrison.

    To unlock the Saturday Night's Main Event area, complete the bonus objective in week 11 of Rey and Batista's RTWM.

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