Metal Assault Beginner Guide

Metal Assault Beginner Guide
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Metal, Gear And Assaulting

The newest title from Aeria Games is called Metal Assault and it’s basically an MMO version of Metal Slug. With four playable classes and more weapons worth counting, Metal Assault is a high-octane side-scrolling shooter with plenty of action to boot and a steady leveling pace that isn’t too heavy handed when it comes to grinding. Nevertheless, there are a few tips and tricks within the game that can help players level faster, earn coins faster and earn the license points necessary to purchase the gun of your dreams. Keep reading this Metal Assault beginner guide to find out exactly how you can get a leg up on the competition.

The Four Main Characters

Don’t go up the ladder!

There are four basic character classes in the game that lend themselves to various playing styles. You’ll need to consider which one best suits your style of play and whether or not you want to tank with Burton, sniper with Marie, assault with Carl or bunny hop around with Ai.

Finding a good playing style method or knowing what style of play you plan to use will help in deciding which character will best suit an advantageous method that benefits you.

Also keep in mind that while one character might be excellent in the mission mode, another character might be better suited for the zombie co-op modes or another character may be better yet for your style of play when it comes to PvP.

Experiment with the playing styles of each character before settling for just one, this way you can better understand whether or not that character will be to your liking in the long run.

Questing Items

A quest mission

As you level up in the game various NPCs will have missions for you where you can earn extra equipment and accessories that can help benefit you and save you some extra coins. Some of these repeatable missions are essential considering that they will grant you extra items like grenades, launcher bombs, health kits and mines.

Since each of these items are quite expensive to buy from the shops, stockpiling them by doing the repeatable missions will help you save tons of cash and even if you have more than what you use, be sure to keep extras stashed away so if you ever run out you’ll have an extra supply on hand.

Shops And Equipment

Modifying a new weapon

All usable supplies and equipment can be found in the Military District of the city. Here you’ll be able to buy things like health packets, grenades, armor and weapons.

The miscellaneous store contains things like parachutes, grenades, mana bottles and health kits. You’ll also find common grade weapon modifications in this section, too. The weapon shop contains all weapon types of a common grade. The armor shop also contains starter armor of a common grade as well.

The final shop in the Military District is the Honor Shop. This is where honor points can be spent on special grade equipment. However, you’ll need to max out the licensing for a weapon type in order to use an honor grade weapon.

If you head over into the Main Square you’ll find the repairman who handles upgrades, weapon modification attachments and modification removals. Here in this section you’ll also find the personal storage NPC on the far left side of the area, where you can store equipment and items.

Weapon License

Assault team moving in

Intense PvP

In order to use any weapon grade above Rookie Level 1 you’ll need to dispense license points into the weapon category of your choice. Unlike some other games out there like Call of Duty, you don’t have to use the weapon in order to unlock a higher grade of that weapon. Instead, by completing cooperative modes or PvP matches you’ll earn license points that can be used to upgrade the weapon level of your choice.

By unlocking higher weapon grades will not only enable you to purchase higher level weapons from the weapon shop, but you’ll also be eligible for using honor weapons. In addition to this, rare or legendary weapons you may earn from the Mission Mode or unique box drops will be usable if your license grade is high enough. Alternatively, you can sell weapons that you can’t use to other players to make some extra cash.

Weapon Upgrades And Modifications

Upgrading a weapon

All the weapons on the game can be upgraded. The upgrade system basically enables players to amp up a specific category of a weapon one level at a time. As stated, you have to upgrade each stat one level at a time so if you get a level 2 barrel you won’t be able to use it until you install a level 1 barrel.

The higher level upgrades you install the harder it becomes at successfully installing them. Nevertheless, there are insurance policies that you can buy from the cash shop to ensure that the upgrade or weapon do not break.

An explosive surprise for a zombie

Weapon modifications are similar to upgrades but serve a different purpose. Modifications include things like sniper scopes, silencers, dot sights, magazine extenders and laser scopes. Just like the weapons there are various grades to modifications ranging from common to legendary. The higher grade the modification the more useful it is in its functionality, very similar to the weapon modifications on the game Operation 7 or Borderlands. Take note, though, that if you install a modification and wish to remove it from a weapon the modification will be destroyed and it will not be returned to your inventory.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide helped you out a little bit with understanding some of the mechanics of Metal Assault. For a list of more online action games be sure to check out Bright Hub’s MMO Action Game Directory.

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