Metal Assault Weapon Guide for Beginners

Metal Assault Weapon Guide for Beginners
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Armed and Dangerous

The free-to-play shooter from Aeria Games has an extensive cache of purchasable and unlockable weapons. Some of these items can be earned simply by playing the game, others can be bought from other players and then some rare items can be rented from the cash shop. Find out more about the class of weapons, how to use each weapon and what weapons are worth holding onto in this Metal Assault weapon guide for beginners.

Weapon Grades

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Each weapon in the game belongs to a grade. If the name of a weapon is in white letters it means that it’s a “Common” or basic grade weapon. Weapons with names in blue letters mean that they are rare. Purple or pink colored weapon names mean that the weapon is epic, and an orange colored weapon name means that it’s legendary.

Many real-life weapons are on the game and oftentimes popular guns from real-life such as the AK-74 and AK-47 are featured in the game with alternate names under the legendary status, such as the AS-90 and AS-47. The orange colored weapons can be rented from the cash shop or earned from a legendary grade box from within the game, however it’s extremely difficult to unlock or earn. However, the best way to loot rare, epic and legendary weapons is by doing the Mission Mode and earning Gold supply cards.

You might be wondering what the difference is between the weapon grades and it usually boils down to stats and a bonus power-up for cooperative missions. Most high grade weapons, however, require a high level weapon license. Standard blue grade weapons usually require a Veteran level 1 or higher weapon license and most purple grade, rare weapons require an Elite level 1 or higher weapon license. You can acquire a faster license from PvE and PvP modes by using a variety of weapons during the game session, which will greatly increase the amount of license experience at the end of a round.

Weapon Classes And Roles

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There are a number of weapon classes on the game, including rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns and rocket launchers. Take note, however, that there are sub-classes and/or categories per weapon class. For instance, rifles contain sub-machine guns, assault rifles, light-machine guns and rifles with grenade launchers. When purchasing some weapons from the in-game shop you’ll find that not every sub-class for each of the weapons are available for purchase. It’s ok, though, that’s what the player shops in the market place are for.

You’ll find that rare weapons such as magnums, M-60s and anti-vehicle weapons are available in abundance for sale from other players.

Each of the guns in the game suit specific purposes as well. Not every rifle is perfect for every situation just like every rocket launcher is not poised to take down vehicles. You’ll need to pay attention to the stats of the weapon to tell which one does what. A rocket launcher with high damage but short range is great against tanks but not as good against mechs or aircraft, which would require speed and range as opposed to power.

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Shotguns are also ideal for up-close and personal confrontations. Beware that not all shotgun blasts are instant-kills even at close range. The ones that do the most damage usually have slow firing and reload rates, while shotguns that shoot fast are prone to do far less damage.

Pistols are practically useless in PvP and PvE modes, however they are a transitional weapon, which means that you can always switch to a pistol even while reloading another weapon. Pistols are perfect for quick switching in a tight spot, despite their lack of effectiveness in battle.

Sniper rifles can be used in close or long range encounters depending on the kind of sniper rifle you’re using. Fast firing rates means the SR does less damage but is very effective at potentially landing more headshots. Alternatively, a high damage rifle with a slow firing rate means you can’t afford to miss, with the upside being that it’s easy to get kills without landing headshots.

Tactics For Weapons And What To Look For

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The most reliable weapon set on the game are the standard rifles. If you go with a high power, low fire-rate rifle you’ll need to make sure that every hit connects to make the most of it. If you go with a low power, high fire-rate rifle then it’s a matter of maintaining accuracy to take down an opponent before they can waste you. Take note that high damage rifles are perfect for small deathmatch maps, while fast firing, long range rifles are excellent on larger, PvP maps.

When utilizing a shotgun it’s important to remember that the spread prevents it from being a mid-to-long range weapon. Even with upgrades to increase the range keep in mind that without all three rounds hitting a target the chances of an instant-kill are slim to none. The effectiveness of a shotgun are duly situated with the weapon’s functionality in close-quarters combat. Small stages with corridor-based shoot-outs are where the shotgun shines the most. It’s also quite effective in PvE rounds with a limited amount of players, or for the Mission Mode.

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Grenades are also very important, and play a vital role in winning or losing a match based on how they’re used. Be sure to upgrade the grenade skill at the NPC trainer, Steve, to increase the range and effectiveness of the grenade. This will enable you to lob grenades over barriers and at great distances, which can really help secure a victory for your team, especially in matches that are too close to call.

While skill plays an important role as to whether you win or lose, the most important role is understanding how to use the weapons you have and when to use the right kind of weapon for the right kind of situation. You can check out more guides for online action games right here at Bright Hub or look for more online action titles with the Bright Hub MMOFPS Action Game Directory.

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