BrightHub Worst Video Games of 2010 - Disappointments, Cash-ins, and Questionable Releases

BrightHub Worst Video Games of 2010 - Disappointments, Cash-ins, and Questionable Releases
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Worst Video Games of 2010

Some games just make you scratch your head and ask, “What the heck were the developers thinking?!” Let’s look back on 2010 and the various failures in gaming. We won’t be honoring these games. No, we’ll simply be looking down on them with scorn, and we’ll definitely have a good chuckle at the expense of the people who made these titles.

Biggest Disappointment

Xbox 360 Kinect

While many games disappointed the masses and fell short of their hype, one entity proved that great technology isn’t always as awesome as it seems. Kinect was hyped extensively by Microsoft (and Burger King), but ultimately, it offered a mostly lackluster line of launch titles. Sure, Microsoft managed to release an expensive peripheral that appeals to the grannies and kids who enjoy the Wii, but they also opened the gateway for tons of shovelware and didn’t really do much for their core fans. Better luck next year, Kinect.

Worst Cash-in

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - Multiplatform

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 may have been an outstanding book and a great film, but the video game rendition truly lacks in every aspect. Whether you’re playing it on a home console, your PC, or your DS, there’s no fun to be had with this failure—not even for fans of the series.

Worst Downloadable Game

Fireplacing - WiiWare

Though DSiWare has really disappointed with its harsh lineup of games, a WiiWare title actually managed to claim the title of worst download of the year. Fireplacing isn’t really a game, and it’s also not really a good idea by any means. Why anyone would want to create an app for the Wii that turns gamers’ TVs into a virtual fireplace is mind-boggling. Even more absurd is the thought of anyone downloading this garbage.

Worst Game of 2010

Deca Sports Freedom - Xbox 360 Kinect

This dubious honor came down to two nominees: Final Fantasy XIV Online and Deca Sports Freedom. In the end, Deca Sports Freedom managed to claim this title due to Hudson’s ongoing determination to annoy gamers with the mediocre gameplay of this failing series. Deca Sports has never been good, and this Kinect game continues to prove that.

Looking Back at the Worst Video Games of 2010

Everyone plays a bad game every so often. Some gamers have a higher tolerance for mediocrity than others, but even they know when a game should be considered a crime to humanity. Like any other year, 2010 saw countless poor cash-ins, a number of tragic disappointments, questionable downloads, and releases that truly made us all wonder what might have been going through the minds of the devs. Stay tuned for more as we forget these bad games and look at the best titles on each console as well as reveal the game of the year!

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