Video Games That Would Make Bad Movies

Video Games That Would Make Bad Movies
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Gamers might cringe when they hear their favorite video game is being made into a movie. The big screen version rarely captures what made the game great to begin with. As Hollywood looks for inspiration, they should just leave certain games alone. These are video games that shouldn’t be made into movies.


There have been reports about a BioShock movie coming in 2013. I hope it’s never made. Hollywood wants to make a M rated game a PG-13 movie. What would that mean? Probably Little Sisters, Jack’s back story, and other sordid parts of the story will be cut.

Unless the movie can commit to following the plot and the adult themed aspects of the game, it should not be made at all.

Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda

I don’t think a movie could do the Legend of Zelda series justice. Look at the Resident Evil movies. They don’t follow the games’ storyline, even though there is more then enough material to use. My worst fear is LoZ morphing into a pseudo-love story. Maybe that would make sense to movie-goers, but not to gamers.

Remember that fake Zelda trailer put out a few years ago? I cringed all the way through watching it. Please don’t take my favorite video game series of all time and make it into a bad movie

Fallout and other Role Playing Games

There are too many variables with RPGs. These types of games shouldn’t be made into movies. In a Fallout 3 movie, would Megaton be destroyed or not? Would your character save the Wasteland through self-sacrifice or let Lyons do it? RPGs let players customize their experience. That’s a big part of their popularity. The way I play Mass Effect is completely different then the next gamer. How could a good movie be made if the game’s story allows for so many choices?

Left 4 Dead

Where RPGs have too many possibilities, Left 4 Dead does not. It’s a great game, but there really isn’t much story. Its strength is in the multiplayer modes. What we would get is a generic zombie movie with characters named Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis. Maybe they would have Francis say that he hates hospitals and subways. That wouldn’t be enough to make a Left 4 Dead movie viable.

Other video games that shouldn’t be made into movies

Games like the Call of Duty series, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto would also suffer from being made into generic movies. For Hollywood, it’s all too easy. Just insert a character’s name here and there into a basic war, western, or mafia type movie formula. Just by attaching a popular video game name to a movie, they will garner interest.

Gamers have good reason to be wary. Video game movies fail to live up to the game’s own standards. Maybe elements that make a game great can’t be translated on the big screen. I wish Hollywood would stop trying.


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