Top 3 Canceled Games - History of Video Game Consoles and Unreleased Titles

Top 3 Canceled Games - History of Video Game Consoles and Unreleased Titles
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The Top 3 Canceled Video Games

Look through the history of video game consoles and you’ll be disappointed to learn of countless canceled titles that actually looked like they could have been something special. Games like Shenmue III, Redwood Falls, Sadness, Dead Phoenix, and countless others all looked very promising in trailers, gameplay videos, and screenshots, but the developers decided to end the creation process for one reason or another. Sometimes it was due to the lack of funding from a publisher, other times it was failing to deliver in terms of promotional content (I’m looking at you, Nibris!) Regardless of the reason, we’ve missed out on the opportunity to play some intriguing games over the years.

Here are the top three canceled games we never got to play.

3. Starfox 2 (Super Nintendo)

After the incredible Starox hit the Super Nintendo, a sequel was scheduled to arrive to the console. Members of the development team have confirmed that Starfox 2 was completed, but in the end, the airborne shooter was not released. The Nintendo 64 was nearing its launch, and Nintendo instead decided to focus on releasing a new Starfox game for the predecessor of the SNES. Starfox 64 ultimately took the spot of Starfox 2, and while you’ll get no complaint about that title from us, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that Starfox’s SNES sequel had all the tools to be a stellar title. Starfox 2, we’ll always be bummed out about the fact that we never got to play you.

2. Twisted Metal Black: Harbor City (PlayStation 2)

Twisted Metal Black: Harbor City

Twisted Metal: Black is one of the best games available on the PlayStation 2. It offers immersive gameplay, stunning sound design, and impressive movies for each of its eerie characters. The game was originally destined to have a direct sequel titled Twisted Metal Black: Harbor City. Levels would be interconnected to create a massive in-game world, and we would see the return of many memorable drivers. Unfortunately, the game was never finished due to the death of six developers who were working on the game, according to Eat Sleep Play.

1. Earthbound 64 (Nintendo 64)

Earthbound 64

Earthbound on the SNES was one of those games that managed to stay with you long after you passed it. The touching story, the interesting characters, the wonderful dialogue, and the remarkable gameplay all made the unorthodox turn-based RPG a memorable title, and easily one of the best games on Nintendo’s second home console. A sequel was slated for release on the Nintendo 64, but this game, titled Earthbound 64, never reached the final stages of development and was instead ported to the Game Boy Advance as Mother 3. No one’s bashing that title as it is one heck of a portable RPG (even though it isn’t available in North America), but Earthbound 64 was truly meant to carry the legacy of the Mother franchise into the 3D gaming realm. The game’s trailer and screenshots managed to impress countless gamers, and given the greatness of the series, there’s no doubt the actual game would have done the same.

The Top 15 Canceled Games

Canceled titles throughout the history of video game consoles have left gamers disappointed, upset, and sometimes just plain sour. No one likes when promising games such as Starfox 2, Twisted Metal Black: Harbor City, and Earthbound 64 get the axe. Unfortunately, game development comes to a halt due to a myriad of circumstances, resulting in the loss of potentially awesome games. It really is a shame that we’ll never get to play these titles. Hopefully at least a few of them resurface in the future, but I think holding our breath wouldn’t be too wise.

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