Top 15 Canceled Games: 15-13 - Not New Video Games Released

Top 15 Canceled Games: 15-13 - Not New Video Games Released
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What Could Have Been: 15-13

New video games released over the years are reviewed and classified as either good, bad, or in between, but there are several titles that often get canceled and go unreleased, causing much speculation among fans, and denying us the ability to rate them. It’s a shame that we never get to play these games, but for one reason or another, developers and publishers scrap projects, many of which show a lot of promise and all the potential in the world. Not every game is lucky enough to get out of development hell like Max Payne 3 or the currently untitled Kirby game that was originally planned for the GameCube and just recently resurfaced as a Wii title. Let’s look back at 15 of the most intriguing video games that never saw the light of day.

15. Killing Day (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

Killing Day

Not much is known about Killing Day. When the game’s initial trailer launched at E3 in 2005, neither a publisher nor a developer were revealed to be in charge of the project. Ubisoft has since gone on to trademark the game’s title, causing speculation among fans who completely ate up the game’s debut trailer. It’s likely that we’ll never know how this game would have turned out, and given the seemingly endless mass of modern first-person shooters filling the market these days, the chances of the title holding up these days are slim. Still, it’s impossible to deny the impact that Killing Day could have had if it would have been released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 back in 2006.

14. The Lost (PlayStation 2, Xbox)

The Lost

What’s worse than a game that was canceled and never finished? A game that was finished and then canceled. The Lost featured horrific themes and action-adventure gameplay, with plenty of undead monsters and occult enemies. The game was completed, but not without bugs and legal disputes among the publishers and developers, so it was axed in the end. Developer FXLabs acquired sole ownership of the license and released the game, with some character and gameplay tweaks, in India as Agni: Queen of Darkness. The real version of the game, however, will never see a launch.

13. Sonic X-treme (Saturn)

Sonic X-treme

The port of Sonic 3D Blast on the Sega Saturn was never supposed to happen. Sega had a completely different title planned out. Sonic X-treme would put the blue blur in a tube-like 3D world where he could run through loops, collect rings, and even scale walls. The game’s topsy-turvy flow is very reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy, although the gameplay is fairly sluggish, which is never good for a Sonic game. Still, it’s cool to think of the impact the game would have had on the Saturn had it been released instead of 3D Blast. Sonic X-treme is definitely the type of game that could thrive from today’s technology and high level of game design.

Disappointing Cancelations

When you look at new video games released throughout the years, it can be easy to overlook the titles that never saw the light of day. If you’ve been following the three games listed here in the hopes that they’ll eventually see a release somewhere down the road, don’t hold your breath, but keep on hoping that they’ll find a home on some console in the future. Stay tuned for more as Bright Hub reveals more games that were unjustly canceled.

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