A Simple Guide to the Warhammer Online Talisman Making Crafting Skill (Page One)

A Simple Guide to the Warhammer Online Talisman Making Crafting Skill (Page One)
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Talisman Making - Not Your Average Accessories

Talisman Making is one of several different skills available to your character in Warhammer Online. The others include Apothecary, Butchering, Cultivating, Magical salvaging, Talisman making and Scavenging, though only Apothecary and Talisman making are actually considered “crafting” skills. Like Apothecary, Talisman making heavily relies on the Scavenging/Salvaging skills in order to provide the necessary ingredients for working the skill.

As Apothecary can create potions and such to buff your character, Talismans fit into the sockets of the items your character wears or carries and, depending on type and strength, will either add a new stat to the item or add to the power of an existing stat.

Some players find the Talisman Making skill to be quite profitable once leveled up, as it can create a variety of unique items indispensible on the battlefield that other players are eager to pay for.

What It Takes to Create Your Talisman

Like the other crafting skill, there are certain elements and ingredients that you’ll need before you can start working. Every talisman you create will require:

One Container (such as a vial)

One Fragment (a magical item)

One Curio

One Magical Essence

One Golden Essence

Curios and elements determine the strength and stability of your charm, so be careful which ones you choose to put together.

Not all of these ingredients can simply be purchased from a merchant, which is why this skill takes much longer to level than its sister crafting skill. You can only purchase a level one container, a Magical Essence, a Curio and a Golden Essence from the merchant, while Scavenging can provide you with Curious and Salvaging will get you Magical Essence and Fragments, so at the very least, Scavenging is a gathering skill that is absolutely necessary for Talisman making.

So How Do You Make it Work?

The basic how-tos for Talisman Making are similar to those for Apothecary. The first you need to do is open the necessary window, then place the container in its place at the corner on the upper left side of the window. Then add your magical fragment, followed by any gold, essence or curio that you choose to add. Once again, the type and combinations of gold, essence and curio will determine the stability and power of your talisman, so choose carefully, especially as you start creating talismans for higher levels.

Once all of your pieces are in place, hit “fuse”. With skill, practice and a little luck, you’ll have a talisman ready for use.

Another fact to keep in mind: the quality of your talisman will determine the length of its duration – its color when finished will tell you its quality/duration:

White: Eight Hours Duration

Green: Two Days Duration

Blue: Five Days Duration

Purple: Permanent Duration

Making a Profit - Make Magical Salvaging Work For You

talisman making

As noted earlier, the Talisman Making skill in Warhammer Online is one that is especially difficult and time consuming to level up, so any guidance in helping you level with better efficiency is good for your watch (as you’ll waste less time that could be spent on other parts of the game) and good for your Warhammer wallet (as you’ll spend less gold trying to level in vain).

According to those who’ve played the field (so to speak), by far and away the best gathering skill to compliment this craft is Magical Salvaging. Though this skill may seem less helpful at first, as you start to level up you’ll find that the fragments you gather are invaluable in helping you inch up to the higher and higher levels.

Magical Salvaging lets you disenchant items and use them for their magical essence and fragments. You can gather these in large bunches either by saving your green dropped items and disenchanting these for their parts or purchasing gear from Renown Merchants (who sell the gear for relatively low prices) and salvaging these for parts. Once you have access to a Renown Merchant, I strongly suggest that this be the route you take – you’ll end up making more gold selling your green drops than you spend purchasing gear for salvaging.

Keep in mind: when you’re working at the lower levels, you will find it difficult to find items that are Salvageable, but don’t be discouraged. Even if some of your items fail to salvage, you will still be able to get some Essences from the lost item.

Other Factors that Play a Part

talisman addons

When it comes to the quality and power of your talisman, the most important component is your fragment. This determines the rarity of your finished talisman, which effects the length of effective time your talisman will have once you put it into active play (once you’ve socketed it into gear). Keep in mind that the time limit on these items only decreases during actual game play, so don’t fear your item losing its buff while you’re sleeping.

You determine how long your talisman works and the kind of range your stats increase is based on the rarity of your magical element. In other words, using a rare fragment in your talisman will likely yield you a duration of five days and a stats increase of at least +8, sometimes more.

Also keep in mind that the level requirement for your fragments, essences and curios come in intervals of 25, and that the higher level item you use, the more powerful your talisman will be.