Basics of the Witch Hunter in Warhammer Online

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Overview and Lore

The Witch Hunter career is just one of the options available to a player who decides to go with the Empire race. Witch Hunters can be male or female, but their charter is the same: The total erradication of evil and Chaos from the Empire’s lands. Witch Hunters are servants of their god Sigmar, and are officially members of the Holy Order of the Templars of Sigmar. Sometimes, Witch Hunters serve the state, and at other times the church - often there is little difference. Witch Hunters are a fearsome sight among Empire villages, as they have a reputation of erradicating the innocent along with the guilty - an acceptable loss to them, so long as evil pays it’s price. They are generally suspicious, and tend to use extreme methods to coax “confessions” out of their victims by combining the torturous use of their rapier with the executionary force of a pistol. Witch Hunters are easily identified by their tall hats and long coats, which are almost considered a uniform for their order.

Playing a Witch Hunter

As far as playing a Witch Hunter in the game goes, this lore has very little impression on the actual class mechanics. In metagame terms, Witch Hunters use a combo point system, similar to Witch Elves, to amplify the damage of their special attacks. Witch Hunters have the ability to lurk in the shadows, remaining hidden, then jumping out an ambushing their victims dealing a stunning amount of damage very quickly. The points the Witch Hunter career uses are called Accusations. The idea is that, as the Witch Hunter accuses his victim with his blade, leveling accusations against them, they will be incited to confess, at which point the Witch Hunter can use a special ability involving his pistol to finish them off. Witch Hunters also offer powerful boons to themselves and their allies by way of “anointing” or “blessing” their weapons, so to speak, causing them to inflict additional damage against their enemies. As with any class, they come with a full range of buffs and debuffs. This class should appeal to those that prefer the indirect approach of attack, preferring subtlety and ambush to frontal assaults.

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