Witch Elf Abilities and Masteries

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Special Mechanic - Bloodlust

The Witch Elf class uses a special mechanic called Bloodlust in order to execute many of their special abilities. A Witch Elf can build up to 5 blood lust points at a time. These points are required in order to use many of the Witch Elves abilities. Abilities that require bloodlust will use up all of the Bloodlust points, and increasing the power of the attack based on how many points were used. A bloodlust attack that used one bloodlust point will do the least damage, while an attack that used five bloodlust points will do the highest. When playing a Witch Elf, there is a complicated dance that alternates attacks that build up bloodlust and devastating attacks that spend it.

Witch Elf Abilities

The Witch Elf begins their career with the most basic abilities: Slice, a standard close range stabbing attack; and Throwing Dagger, a low damage ranged attack. From there, as the Witch Elf progresses, she learns a variety of abilities that use the special Bloodlust mechanic - either building bloodlust or using it to destroy enemies. Some of the Witch Elves attacks grant buffs to her, while simultaneously debuffing her target. These attacks are called Kisses, last for two minutes, and only one of them can be active at a time.

At level 10 the Witch Elf gains the ability of Shadow Prowler, which grants her the ability to prowl through the shadows unnoticed. While prowling, the Witch Elves action points are slowly drained, but she is able to use some abilities that are only available while prowling, like Vehement Blades, and Enfeebling Strike.

Mastery Paths

Path of Carnage

The Path of Carnage focuses on enhancing the Witch Elf’s single target high damage attacks, and also offers up a few multi-target attacks should the player decide to put points into them. Many of the abilities in the Path of Carnage allow the Witch Elf to bypass a target’s armor, as well as deal increased damage. The Path of Carnage does not rely on damage over time (DoT) abilities, special positioning, or states like Prowl to be effective, making it one of the simpler yet more versatile paths.

Path of Suffering

The Path of Suffering greatly enhances the Witch Elf’s poisons and kisses, aka buffs and debuffs, simultaneously draining the enemies power and using it to increase the power of the Witch Elf. The Path of Suffering is mainly about damage over time effects, which lowers the Witch Elf’s burst damage while enabling her to handle multiple targets at once and do some basic crowd control.

Path of Treachery

The Path of Treachery enhances the Witch Elf’s stealth and subtlety, making her a highly skilled assassin, capable of powerful ambush attacks as well as patient lurking in the shadows. The Witch Elf gains bonuses when attacking from the side or behind her target, making stealth the most important aspect of this Path. While the Witch Elf will be extremely deadly when she gets the jump on an opponent, she loses her advantage if the enemy takes her by surprise.

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