Disciple of Khaine - Warhammer Online Class Guides Part 2

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The Disciple of Khaine

Now I’ll take you into the deeper mechanics of the Disciple of Khaine warrior class. A Disciple’s life begins as a total newbie, who must take upon himself some simple quests right from the beginning.

The Soul Essence

As you know, the Disciple’s whole style of fighting depends on Soul Essence, it is important to understand how you can ensure a steady amount of Essence available at your disposal. Any melee activity or attack on the enemy can add on to the Disciple’s Soul Essence, which can be used anytime for healing purposes. The maximum amount of Essence that can be kept with a Disciple is 250. Every time you are not fighting, the Soul Essence would automatically refresh itself. You also have action points that can be converted into Essence anytime.


Covenants are the auras that affect the entire group once activated. Your Disciple has the choice of three covenants or auras – the Covenant of Celerity, the Covenant of Tenacity, and the Covenant of Vitality, of which only one covenant can be activated at a time. In order to have all three of the covenants activated together, the only possibility available is to have three Disciples in your army, each with an aura activated on him. Note: Changing a covenant requires some time before the second one becomes active. Also, once activated, you don’t need to keep on activating the covenant every time.

The Disciple is more of an offensive character. He cannot withstand too much of a direct onslaught, even though he always fights in the front. It is therefore essential that the enemy is weakened to a point that they cannot damage your Disciple too much. Here the Covenant of Celerity, which is a crippling aura, comes in very handy.


There are 16 stats that are common to every class in Warhammer Online. It is wiser to build up on those stats which allow your Disciple to withstand as much damage as possible, as well as make him able to attack the enemy. So the key skills you should build upon are Strength, Weapon Skill and Toughness in offensives, and Armor, Block and Dodge in defenses. You do start off with some points already in some of the skills. The Intelligence and Ballistics stats are useless for your Disciple.

Abilities / Attributes

Initially your Dark Elf warrior starts with the Fist of Khaine, Restore Essence, Cleave Soul, Blood Offering and Flee as abilities. In the early stages your Fist of Khaine and Cleave Soul would help you kill off enemies pretty decently, but later you would need to strategize your attacks and opt for other abilities carefully.


Like all classes of WAR, the Disciple too has three Paths or Masteries available to him.

Path of Dark Rites or Path of Rituals – This path is advisable if you want to focus on garnering most essence and improve on your healing abilities. Following this path would increase the efficiency of most healing powers and abilities.

Path of Torture – This path is meant to impress the great Khaine! Increasing the efficiency of your melee abilities, it makes your disciple attack the enemy and torture them to the fullest.

Path of Sacrifice – This mastery improves your ability to buff all your allied members while debuff and damage your enemy. Your ability to transfer the enemies’ strength to your allies improves with this mastery.

So choose wisely! Each choice made by you can affect the whole gameplay. Each skill and ability affects your character differently and so does every path. Have fun!

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