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WAR Profession Guide: Leveling Your Cultivating Skill

by: MD Weems ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Now that you know what the Cultivating skill is and does, let's go through everything you'll need to raise your skill in this Warhammer Online profession to the max.

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    Tier 1 Seeds and Spores

    These seeds and spores are readily picked up from mobs and you can buy some of these from vendors as well. So, this part of your profession leveling should not be a problem. Here is what you'll need to go from the very beginning of your skill up to 25 so that you can start on Tier 2 Cultivating when you hit the right level:

    20 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 1 - 20): Blistering Pyre Ivy Seed, Blue-Specked Gobswort Spores, Callous Gobswort Spores, Crimson Beardweed Seed, Dusty Fusk Spores, Green Shorenuts Seeds, Mottled Fusk Seeds, Motley Smedleycap Spores, Musty Elvish Parsley Seeds, Pebbled Gravelnuts Seeds, Petulant Grumpleaf Seeds, Pock-Marked Grumpleaf Seed, Prickly Goldweed Seeds, Sallow Ashberry Seeds, Prickly Goldweed Seeds, Short-Haired Thief's Nettle Seeds, Short-Stemmed Elvish Parsley Seeds, Smoking Ashberry Seeds, Smoking Pyre Ivy Seeds, Spore-Laden Smedley cap Spores, Steepled Morrweed Seeds, Swaying Dandedragon Seeds, Trenchant Elvish Parsley Seeds, Willowy Dandedragon Seeds, Wispy Beardweed Seeds, Wispy Morrweed Seeds, Woolly Thief's Nettle Seeds

    5 of the following (to go from skill level 20-25): Glinting Goldweed Seeds

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 25-50): Bitter Elvish Parsley Seeds, Blotchy Smedleycap Spores, Brittle Beardweed Seeds, Brittle Morrweed Seeds, Brown Shorenuts Seed, Capering Dandedragon Seeds, Charred Ashberry Seeds, Charred Pyre Ivy Seeds, Dapples Fusk Spores, Domed Morrweed Seeds, Frowning Grumpleaf Seeds, Gossamer Dandedragon Seeds, Grey-Specked Gobswort Spores, Jagged Gravelnuts Seed, Long-Haired Thief's Nettle Seeds, Probing Elvish Parsley Seeds, Rosy Beardweed Seeds, Sandy Fusk Spores, Scabrous Gobswort Spores, Scarred Grumpleaf Seeds, Searing Pyre Ivy Seeds, Spiny Goldweed Seeds, Spore-Covered Smedleycap Spores, Waxen Ashberry Seeds, Wiry Thief's Nettle Seeds

    You need to cultivate these as you get them so that you'll be able to level your skill up to tier 2 by the time that your character's level is there as well. Plus, some of these take up to 3 minutes to cultivate, unless you use mixers that will help lower the time that they take to grow. And, since you're still a lower level, if you don't have a banker toon to send these to - you might consider trading with another player or vendoring these items.

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    Tier 2 Seeds and Spores

    Now that you're ready to take on tier 2 seeds and spores, you'll need to gather up and use the following:

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 50-75): Arching Blackstipe Seeds, Burgundy Bolete Spores, Coarse Merulius Spores, Double-Bladed Grottuk Weed Seeds, Fuzzy Scruntleydown Seeds, Glimmering Goldweed Seeds, Grasping Grottuk Weed Seeds, Grasping Redvine Seeds, Green Trotweed Seeds, Long-Petaled Blackstipe Seeds, Moldering Twigfester Spores, Mottled Bolete Spores, Open-Sac Skunk Thistle Seeds, Pock-Marked Dwarfcup Seeds, Porous Coarse Merulius Spores, Rotting Twigfester Spores, Sallow Redvine Seeds, Scattered Twigbloat Seeds, Standing Twigbloat Seeds, Striding Trotweed Seeds, Trenchant Grottuk Weed Seeds, Tufted Peckgrass Seeds, Vile Skunk Thistle Seeds, Willowy Peckgrass Seeds, Wiry Elfcup Seeds

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 75-100): Drooping Grottuk Weeds, Probing Grottuk Weed Seeds, Noxious Skunk Thistles, Crowred-sac Skunk Thistles, Gossamer Peckgrass', Wispy Peckgrass', Scurfy Twigbloats, Leaning Twigbloats, Hairy Elfcups, Scarred Dwarfcups, Curling Blackstipes, Round-Petaled Blackstipes, Cantering Trotweeds, Brown Trotweeds, Clawing Redvines, Waxen Redvines, Patchy Scruntleydowns, Searing Scruntleydows, Scarlet Bolete Spores, Dappled Bolete Spore

    Tier 2 seeds and spores are normally easy drops to get. But, some of the green seeds might cost you at the auction if you have to purchase them. So, it's always best to know what plants will sell the best on your server's auction so that you can invest in the seeds and spores that will make a good turn over profit-wise for you.

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    Tier 3 Seeds and Spores

    Tier 3 holds more money for you, both in selling and buying. So, you want to make sure that you check out the auction before you start purchasing seeds that you need. You can always level up with drops that you get - or purchase cheap seeds and spores from vendors. But, if you are wanting to make a good cash investment here, you want to know what the Apothecaries on your server are using most, so be sure that you know before you spend any money on this tier. In order to go from tier 3 up to tier 4, here are the seeds and spores that you'll need:

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 100-125): Pygmy Black Pea Pod Seeds, Wispy Chev’s Needle Seeds, Smooth-Shelled Chev’s Needle Seeds, Wiry Sorrel Seeds, Stippled Flea Agaric Seeds, Whiskered Flea Agaric Seed s, Ropy Ulric’s Tash Seeds, Pock-manked Ulric’s Tash Seeds, Pasty Phlegmberry Seeds, Oldman’s Mane Seeds, Sallow Violet Canny Seeds, Curling Yellow Canny Seeds, Wavering Spikewort Seeds, Crusted Toody’s Hat Spore Seeds, Rose Blusher Spores, Yellow-Stemmed Rose Blushers, Dusky Shadow Fungus Spores, Mottled Shadow Fungus Spores, or Thick Dryad Husks

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 125-150): Dwarf Clack Pea Seeds, Swollen Chev’s Needle Seeds, Rough-Shelled Chev’s Needle Seeds, Tufted Sorrel Seeds, Gossamer Red Sorrel Seeds, Shaggy Flea Agaric Seeds, Mottles Flea Agaric Seeds, Scarred Ulric’s Tash Seeds, Wiry Ulric’s Tash Seeds, Willow-Root Phlegmberry Seeds, Slimy Phlegmberry Seeds, Oldman’s Bristles Seeds, Coile Yellow Canny Seeds, Waxen Violet Canny Seeds, Whispering Spikewort Seeds, Caked Toody’s Hat Spores, Yellow-Stemmed Carmine Bluster Spores, Carmine Bluster Spores, Dappled Shadow Fungus Spores, Shaded Shadow Fungus Spores, or Supple Dryad Husks

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    Tier 4 Seeds and Spores

    Once you hit tier 4 with your skill, you'll find that the seed and spore drops aren't as great as they used to be. But, you can purchase some of these from vendors. The rest, you'll have to get from the auction and that can sometimes cost you. The only recourse to that is that they will also cost the Apothecarys that need them. So, you can easily make your money back if you know what sells the best on your server and stick to that type of seed or spore. Here is what you'll need to get from the beginning of tier 4 Cultivating skill to the very top:

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 150-175): Lady’s Cheese Slippers (there are others in this tier that you can use, but these Lady's Cheese Slippers are the easiest to find and to sell)

    25 of any of the following seeds or spores (to go from skill level 175-200): Mottled Spurge Seeds or Weeping Spurge Seeds (there are other seeds and spores that you can get as well for this level, but these two are by far the most common and the easiest to get to level your skill up)

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    You can easily cut down on your growing time with any seed or spore by adding in additives. These are items like dirts, water, and nutrients. As you level your skill up, the level of the additives that you can use also goes up. So, whenever you can, it's a great idea to get the additives that your tier of skill level can use to help your plants grow faster - and help your cultivating skill up faster.

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