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Warhammer Online: Nordenwatch - Winning Strategies

by: Michael Hartman ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

There are many ways to win the Warhammer Online scenario: Nordenwatch. This section of the guide addresses a few of them.

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    Winning Strategies

    A lot of "know-it-all", wanna-be-Napoleons will yell and scream "HOLD THE FORT AND WE WIN!" over and over. This is not the only way to win, and focusing on this strategy myopically can actually result in a painful, demoralizing loss. Charging the fort over and over again just to get beaten repeatedly is no fun, gives the other team fast points (5 points per kill), and tons of experience and renown for the kills. Below I summarize some of the main ways to win. The beauty of Nordenwatch is that there are probably others as well.

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    The Classic

    Hold Fort and win. If you hold the Fort and kill more of them than they kill of you, you will win. This is especially true if you hold the objective near your spawn point occasionally as well. The beauty of holding the Fort is that the other team will frequently just throw their soon to be corpses in your direction with foolish abandon. You can sit at the Fort and enjoy the full service buffet of experience, renown, and scenario points as the opposing side continually lets you kill them.

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    Classic Alternative

    After losing the Fort, loop around and take the objective near their spawn. Wait until this splits their force a bit (or you kill a few stragglers), then attack the Fort with your entire force. This will often flip the Fort back to your side, and this combined with your extra capture points will give you the win. Basically, this is a roundabout way of doing something very similar to #1.

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    Hold the Lighthouse and Barracks, and out kill the other team. This is very doable, but it requires good teamwork. Keep your best team at the objective near their spawn, and the rest at the objective near your own. Hold these two points and crush any stragglers who venture near you.

    If at any point they get desperate and send their entire army at one of your objectives, that is when your team from the other objective should swoop in and grab the Fort. Many teams will so desperately cling to the "HOLD THE FORT AND WE WIN!" strategy that they will never send more than 3-5 people to try and take back Lighthouse or Barracks. If this is the case, you can win a very satisfying victory by out killing them without ever holding the Fort. This is my personal favorite way to win, as it shows people that intelligence and good strategy are rewarded in WAR over simply following one method by rote.

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    Farm them at their Spawn

    I would be remiss if I did not at least mention this strategy. This only happens when one team is significantly better than the other (or much higher rank). This strategy usually involves capturing all three objectives and then killing the other team's players over and over as they leave their spawn point. This can be quite fun, results in a fast win, and there is additional delight in knowing how much you have demoralized the other realm. Fortunately, this does not happen all that often in Nordenwatch (not nearly as often as it happens in the T3 scenario Doomfist Crater). If it happened more often, I imagine it would have a seriously negative long term effect on people's willingness to queue for scenarios.