Guide to Napoleon: Total War Campaigns and Strategy

Guide to Napoleon: Total War Campaigns and Strategy
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Napoleon: Total War is the sixth turn-based and real-time strategy game in the Total War series and it follows the historical battles fought by Napoleon during his reign as the Emperor of France. There are seven playable factions in the game, and gameplay is mainly focused around positioning of troops and strategies to gain some sort of advantage over the enemy. The game was released on the 23rd of February in 2010, and it received high scores from reviewers, being praised for its graphics, gameplay features, and story driven campaigns, but criticised for a weak computer enemy and high system requirements.

The overall feel of the game is quite similiar to the other games in the Total War series, but it offers a unique array of campaigns and units. The multiplayer mode included in the game allows gamers to either play co-operatively with others through campaigns, or against other human opponents in one battle skirmishes. A review of the game can be viewed below.

Campaign Walkthrough

Napoleon Campaign Choice

The campaigns of Napoleon: Total War follow a historically accurate course, plotting the various theatres of war that Napoleon Bonaparte undertook, from 1778 till 1815 and tracing through Europe and Africa until the defeat at Waterloo. These guides walk you through each battle, and can help you out if you’ve gotten stuck on a specific mission.

Napoleon: Total War Training

Napoleon Waterloo Battlefield

Napoleon: Total War is not about having the best units, it is about using your units in the best way. Tactics such as flanking can make a huge difference in any battle. Learning how to properly move your troops around the battlefield and what strategies work best against which obstacles is the key to winning battles, and these guides will help you understand which tactics to use for both land and sea battles so that you can emerge from any skirmish victorious.

Napoleon: Total War Cheats

Napoleon Egypt Victory

Almost every computer game has cheats, and using cheats can make a game more enjoyable or fun to play. Using cheats in Napoleon: Total War can add a whole new level to the game, and allow you to play the game from a different perspective and access aspects of the game that are not included in the retail version. Keep in mind that using these cheats can make the game much easier, and can dilute the original experience that the developers intended. Don’t use these cheats until you have already beaten the main campaigns and explored the full multiplayer capabilities of Napoleon: Total War.

Napoleonic History

If you want to learn more about the history and events that drive the various campaigns of Napoleon: Total War, this article will teach you all about who Napoleon was, and how he started a revolution that allowed him to create an empire out of France in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. This article mainly focuses on the many reforms that Napoleon and his revolution brought about in France that led to a cultural revolution and introduced many societal benefits that we have today, such as scolarships, religious freedom, the right to work at any occupation, and equality before the law for the population of France.

Buy Napoleon: Total War

While Shogun 2: Total War is the newest game in the Total War series, Napoleon: Total War is still a very enjoyable game to play, and with several factions to choose from and a wide variety of maps and units to play with, the replay value of this game is almost infinite. Any fan of tactics games or of the Total War series would do well to pick up this game as soon as possible, because it is a great addition to any computer gamer’s library of games. Currently selling for $29.99 on Amazon, it is also fairly inexpensive, and still stands up to more modern games in terms of overall graphics and gameplay. While SEGA has not released any expansion packs for the game, downloadable unit packs, which add new units and gameplay elements to the core game, come free with limited editions of the game.