Napoleon Total War Walkthrough

Napoleon Total War Walkthrough
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Beginning Your Conquest in Napoleon Total War

This Napoleon Total War walkthrough will provide details supporting your success throughout the game. Within Napoleon: Total War, features from past Total War games have been updated to include three-dimensional naval and land battles, diplomacy and the importance of “General” play. The game focuses on historical meaningful periods, including Italy, Egypt, Moscow and the fateful battle of Waterloo. Campaign centered play is the heart of the game and from the world map control one can maintain battles, treaties, decision-making of nearby cities, auto resolution, infrastructure control and research and development. The world map view displays movement of flag bearers, and of course battle engagement. Also within each campaign different maps are found with more cities requiring different strategies with diplomacy, military and policy.

Governing as a General and Emperor!


The mouse and minimap are familiar from the Total War series and useful in exploring what lays ahead (Fog of War). The government tab allows management of forces, wealth generated, and citizen level of contentedness. Policy decisions control taxes and set the stage for difference between lower and upper classes. Real-life strikes, rebellions and crazed riots can seriously disrupt military plans. On one hand a general needs taxes and on another extent, he must balance citizen happiness and morale. Opposition tabs are important to determine force comparisons and whether you advance on cities or focus on reinforcements. Commerce and trade support allows the player to keep a careful eye on income levels. Treaties have more applicability in later stages of the game but are important for commercial betterment and cash flow. Income should be used for infrastructure development, like roads, universities, factories and other morale boosting developments. Granted military is important but Napoleon Total War carries over other franchise staples as community management. To neglect such activity – you do so at your own peril.

Walkthrough Steps to Success in Napoleon Total War

Espionage is entertaining, but not critical to game play. A player can infiltrate enemy cities to collect information on army status, “General” profiles and city demographics. At the bottom menu, enemy information regarding naval assets, armies and region control as well as objective review can be accessed and monitored. On every total war game, you need to expand your army as fast possible. Napoleon Total War shares this same formula. For example, within the initial battles in the Italian campaign, before the battle begins, check to see if you have a unit or a quality advantage. If the quality is higher consider auto-resolving the battles for speed, and in the hopes of expanding faster. During the initial Italian campaign, you have two armies. Attack the Austrians for your first offensive move. Initially, you need more money so loot the towns while leaving your main force, steadily building reinforcements. Losing public order is not a huge deterrent as your main force will keep any potential rebellion in check.

Strategical and Tactical Considerations in Napoleon Total War


For practically all concerns in the beginning, continue the loot first approach, gradually moving toward establishing law and order as the game continues for a residual economy. As you progress through the game, keep in mind these steps of offense, reinforcements, city protection, diplomacy and morale. During battles, keep attacking armies until they are destroyed so they cannot replenish their troops. Foregoing this basic strategy allows your enemies to replenish their armies. Add merchant houses to steadily increase your wealth as quickly as possible. Build things over and over to establish passive income throughout campaigns. Wherever you see enemy reinforcements send your general and units to quickly quash such activity. Consider soldiers for buildings, left flanks, and cavalries. Artillery is your first focus; “fire at will” commands should always be set for initial encounters. Use your elite infantry for more offensive positions as they reload a lot faster. Weaker infantry should always be behind these forces.

naval battle

In Napoleon Total War, sea battles have been a welcome addition to the game. Within these sea skirmishes, damage is sustained in the hulls, sails and masts. And like other sea going games (Pirates) ammunition is varied for shells, crew and sails. Like Pirates, one can steal enemy ships to strengthen one’s own fleets. Overall, land battles still serve as the heart of Napoleon Total War, and unlike other Total War games, the player needs to really master artillery placement and positioning to conquer the game. The raw destructive power, coupled with enemy artificial intelligence to forego substantial anti-artillery strategies (illustrated by blindly walking into salvos) is one’s key to success for long range battle planning.