Unlock Factions - Napoleon Total War

Unlock Factions - Napoleon Total War
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Total Factions Allows for Varied Play in Napoleon Total War

Although it is fun to play as the great Napoleon Bonaparte, there is a game mod developed that allows one to Unlock All Factions in Napoleon Total War. Specifically, one can play as Egypt, Italy and Europe. Additionally, one is also able to play the liberated factions by following the below steps.

First of all, make sure you have “WINRAR” downloaded from this public domain web site: WINRAR and install the executable to extract the forthcoming files.

Next, download this hefty 80 megabyte file to obtain the Unlock All Factions in Napoleon Total War, executable that allows one to play all the factions (Total Factions).

Third, download and install the update 2.3 located at this location.

Although cumbersome on its face, the process involves a file conversion that changes a custom file to a movie type. Please, stay patient and follow this step by step process. The resulting enjoyment from playing as the Italians or Egyptians is well worth a gamer’s patience. Additionally, you may want to finish the Napoleon campaign before trying the different factions as you will notice a greater degree of difficulty. Not all countries are blessed with a strategic genius (except for Waterloo) like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Read on to Unlock All Factions in Napoleon Total War!

Continuing Steps On How to Unlock All Factions in Napoleon Total War

In obtaining the Pack File Manager, keep in mind this is the current method to save file as “.pack” which is why some gamers give up at this part. Code manipulation is not easy, so keep a level head and proceed to set up the conversion process.

Again, extract and install using WINRAR.

Fourth, obtain the third download, Pack File Manager.

Fifth, follow this link in your “My Computer” folders:

“My Computer/Program Files /STEAM/ STEAM APPS/ Common/ Napoleon Total War/ data/ NTF”

Pack File Manager For Napoleon Total War: Unlock All Factions

Click NTF Pack, like so in the below example. The point here, is that you want to open the movie maker file. Ultimately, you need to change the mod’s file format. This is the process that completes the conversion.

Pack File Manager

Pack File Manager to Unlock All Factions in Napoleon Total War

Seventh, click “Choose a Pack Action” located in the center of screen under heading.

Eight, then Click “Choose to change to a Movie.”


Replace the Newly Created NTF.Pack in the Root Folder

Ninth, Save as NTF – Pack in my documents or desktop.

Tenth, Copy “NTF.pack” using the mouse right click function.

Eleventh, Paste “NTF.pack” back in the below subject string:

“My Computer/Program Files /STEAM/ STEAM APPS/ Common/ Napoleon Total War/ data/NTF”

(Click replace)

Click on NTF Shortcut on desktop to begin playing Napoleon Total War: Total Factions

Campaign of the Coalition


Finally, you will see the success of this multi-step process, and you commence playing one of the many factions by clicking on the campaign button as seen in this picture. From there, you choose your faction and are soon faced with a “black screen.” Do not worry or panic. This “black screen” is a bug that is quickly corrected with a random click on the minimap. Have fun stopping the great Napoleon!