Napoleon Total War: Cheats available with the Trainer

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Napoleon total war is a turn-based strategy game and as such requires careful management of war-units, knowledge of tactics and strategy. It is part of the ‘Total War’ series of games, created by the British company ‘The Creative Assembly’, and allows the player to assume the role of Napoleon Bonaparte and undertake some of the early 19th century military campaigns, either as ‘Le petite caporal’ himself or any of his rivals.

Since the game is quite difficult to master, like many turn-based strategy titles which require hours of playing and have a steep learning-curve, you may want to apply these cheats to make your gaming experience easier and more fun. This can also help you learn about the game without the restrictions placed by normal play. Read onwards for some of the available cheats and their effects.

Downloading the Trainer

In order to activate the cheats you will need to download a trainer, provided originally by The demo version of this trainer is available to download freely at this link, hosted by Softpedia; bear in mind that in order to download the fully functioning version, on the official site, you need to be an unlimited member which requires a fee. The official link for the cheat is here.

After having downloaded the Demo trainer, launch it before playing the game. Now launch the game and press F1 once the main menu appears: the cheat trainer should be activated and you can use the Numpad in order to activate the desired cheat-option. In the demo version there is only one available cheat. Consult the readme file included in the download for more information.

Cheats Available (Full Version)

Here are some of the cheats available which will have the effects listed:

Numpad 1: 50 Gold – Adds the listed amount of Gold to your existing Gold, for you to spend on units, upgrades and other things. This option is the only one available in the Demo trainer.

Numpad 2: Unlimited Movement – You can move your units without waiting for your turn, as long as you do it within the blue boundary. Turn it off before pressing the ‘next-turn’ button or your enemy units will have freedom of movement as well!

Numpad 3: 1 Turn Construction – Cut construction turns by units. Like in the Sid Mayer’s games (i.e. Civ 4) each unit costs turns to construct; with this option turned on the turns showing in the cue will be ‘0 days’ which means a unit quickly built. This option is only on for 6 seconds.

Numpad 7: Unlock Campaigns – You can unlock all campaigns, despite not having played them and won them, and play whichever one you want.

All the cheats and numpad numbers are listed in the documentation included with the download. Have a read through for many other cheats which are available. You can also watch the video which explains what the cheats do in simple terms. Definitely recommended!

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