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Epic Swords in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne: Attack Speed

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you're looking for epic swords in Titan Quest that offer great attack speeds, here is the information that you need to find the perfect sword for you.

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    In part three, we are still looking at the epic swords that are in the game. These are typically some of the better swords in the game with bigger stat buffs and higher damage values.

    Katharsos – This has 64-70 damage, 15% piercing, and a very fast speed. It has the requirements of a character level of 29, a dexterity need of 193, and a 231 strength. It grants you the skill of Vision of Death and the stat bonuses of 11-18 vitality damage, 76% life leech resistance, +20 to strength, and +80 to health.

    Ketos’ Chomp – This sword has requirements of a character level of 30, a needed dexterity of 178, and a strength requirement of 210. It has a very fast speed, 15% piercing, and damage of 48-54. It has stat bonuses of 5% chance of +99% pierce damage, 81-111 bleeding damage over three seconds, +27% bleeding damage, 26 piercing damage, +102 offensive ability, and +10% attack speed.

    Life Bane – It has 18-25 damage, with a fast speed and 10% piercing. It has a required character level of 6, a dexterity needed of 78, and a strength of 85 required. It has stat buffs of 6-21 life leech over three seconds, 10% chance of +267% life leech, 3-7 vitality damage, and +15 offensive ability.

    Lindane – This sword is in the Bane of the Karkinos with requirements of a character level of 36, a dexterity of 244, and a strength of 299. It grants you the skill of Kwoll Blast that comes in on attack with a blast of poison, 300 poison damage over six seconds and 230 poison damage, with a +75 energy reserve. It has 133-138 damage, a fast speed and 10% piercing. The stat buffs are +15% poison damage, +11% attack speed, and +15% damage to insectoids.

    Marduk’s Rage – It has the requirements of a character level of 17, a dexterity needed of 126, and a strength of 145. It has 27-29 damage, with very fast damage and 15% piercing. It has 5% chance of +118% damage, +24 to strength, +45 to offensive ability, and +2 to onslaught skill for the stat bonuses.

    Memnon’s Trust – This is in the Memnon’s Raiment set and has the requirements of a character level of 32, a dexterity of 193, and a strength of 231. It has 64-70 damage with very fast speed and 15% piercing. It has stat buffs of 10% of attack damage converting to health, 20% fire resistance, 21% cold resistance, 23% lightning resistance, 22% poison resistance, +25% health regeneration, +31 to offensive ability, and a 30% chance of 75-105 bleeding damage over three seconds and 28-37 piercing damage.

    Parts four and five of the series will finish out with the rest of the epic swords, their requirements, and their stat buffs to the player wielding them.