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Epic Swords in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne: Piercing Damage

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the series will go through the epic swords in Titan Quest that do some awesome piercing damage and will allow you to get some of the best hits in on your foes.

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    This article will take a look at more of the epic swords that you can find to wield in the games of Titan Quest and its expansion, Titan Quest Immortal Throne.

    Cleopatra’s Short Sword – This sword has 24-29 damage, 10% piercing, and a fast speed. There are requirements of a character level of 14, a dexterity of 110, and a strength of 125. There are stat bonuses of +22% damage, +19 to dexterity, +10% energy regeneration, 8% pierce resistance, +20% poison damage, and 54-78 poison damage over six seconds.

    Despair – This has a damage of 93-99 and a fast attack speed with 10% piercing ability. It has a character level of 37, strength of 271, and a dexterity of 223. It has stat buffs of +15% pierce damage, 66 vitality decay over three seconds, +34% energy regeneration, +75 to health, 21 reduced resistance for three seconds, 10% chance of 75 bonus damage, and a 20% chance of 21-40% slower attack for three seconds or 21-41% slower movement for three seconds.

    Ether Blade – This sword has 75-83 damage and a fast speed with 10% piercing capability. There is a required character level of 32, a needed strength of 243, and a dexterity of 202. It has stat bonuses of 11% of the attack damage converts to health, +25 to intelligence, 9% energy drained (50% energy drained causes damage), +37% energy regeneration, +22% attack speed, and -15% reduction to all requirements.

    Fell Blade – This has damage of 23-27, 10% piercing and a fast speed with requirements of a level 10 character, 94 dexterity, and 105 strength. There are stat bonuses of 18% poison resistance, +21 to offensive ability, +14% attack speed, +60% damage to demons, and +2 to the lethal strike skill.

    Fu Xi’s Tail – This is part of the Legend of Fu Xi set and it has a fast speed with 93-99 damage and 10% piercing. There are requirements of a level 35 character, 223 dexterity and 271 strength. There are stat buffs of 15% chance of 10-170 poison damage over five seconds, 7% chance for one of the following: 2-4 seconds of stun, 5 piercing damage, 21-25 fire damage, 6% chance of 12-18 poison damage, and +20% health regeneration.

    Heartpierce – This sword has a required character level of 7, a needed dexterity of 78, and a required strength of 85. It has 17-22 damage, with a very fast speed, and 30% piercing. There is a 14% chance of 30-60 bleeding damage over five seconds or 22% reduction to enemy’s health, there is 6-14 piercing damage, 13% pierce resistance, +18 offensive ability, and +1 to the anatomy skill.

    Juque – This has a very fast speed, 15% piercing, and 33-38 damage. There are requirements of a character level of 22, a strength of 165, and a dexterity of 142. It’s stat bonuses are +17% damage, +30% pierce damage, 13% pierce resistance, 12% lightning resistance, +23 to intelligence, +10% attack speed, and 3% chance to dodge attacks.

    These swords all give quite different and varying skill buffs and should be looked at with the “what’s best for me" attitude when it comes to your gaming style.