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Epic Swords in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne: Fast Speed

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This is the first article in a five part series on the epic swords in Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne that will take you through some of the fast speed swords that you can easily find for your toon.

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    Epic swords may not be quite as rare as the Legendary Swords, but they are quite nice to have in the game no matter what. If you are on the lookout for a better sword, take a look at these in the list to see if you have the requirements needed and what buffs you’ll get for wielding that particular sword in Titan Quest.

    Ajax’ Iberias – This sword has 69-77 damage, a fast speed of attack, and 10% piercing ability. There are the requirements of a character level of 29 to wield, a strength needed of 231, and a dexterity requirement of 193. There are stat buffs of +21% strength, -20 to intelligence, +16 to dexterity, +25% to attack speed and +2 to the battle rage spell.

    Ammit’s Fang – This has 77-81 damage, a very fast speed, and a 15% piercing ability. It has the requirements of a character level of 32, it has a strength needed of 255, and a dexterity needed of 211. It has the stat bonuses of +49% life leech, 15% chance of 319% energy drained causes damage, 8% of attack damage converts to health, 2-6% energy drained, and +16 to dexterity.

    Bite of Anubis – It has 80-85 damage, a fast speed, and 10% piercing. It requires a character level of 32, a dexterity of 211, and a strength of 255. It will give you the skill of Charge, and it has the stat buffs of 186 poison damage over six seconds, +26% poison damage, +45 offensive ability, and +23% attack speed.

    Blade of Ishtar – This sword has a damage of 85-90, a fast speed of attack, and a 10% piercing ability. There are character level requirements of 33, a dexterity need of 217, and a required strength of 263. It will grant you the skill of adrenaline along with the stat buffs of 15-21 bonus damage, +23 dexterity, 7% chance of 58 reduced physical damage for three seconds, and +20% health regeneration.

    Bonesaw – This has a damage of 34-40, 20% piercing, and a fast speed. It has a required strength of 165, a dexterity of 142, and a character level of 23. There will be additional stat buffs of +10% damage, +11% attack speed, +20 to dexterity, +19 to intelligence, +18 to strength, 8% bleeding resistance, and a 15% chance of 45-96 bleeding damage over three seconds and 51% slower movement for three seconds.

    Chang-Kuo Lau’s Steel Blur – This has a very fast speed, 10% piercing, and 83-89 damage. It has the requirements of a character level of 34, a dexterity of 223, and a strength of 271. It has stat bonuses of +20 to dexterity, +115 to health, +42 offensive ability, +38 to defensive ability, and +6% chance to avoid projectiles.

    Parts two through five will list all of the other epic swords, with their requirements and their stat buffs, feel free to see all the articles in the series so that you can choose the one that is right for your character and playing style.