Witcher 2 Guide - Where Is Triss Merigold

Witcher 2 Guide - Where Is Triss Merigold
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This one will start automatically after Letho makes his threat against Triss. You’ll just need to walk back into town with your allies. The events appear to change fairly drastically depending on who you helped in the fight. There will either be a massive celebration and plenty of toasts, or a bunch of toasting bodies from a riot/massacre in the nonhuman district. Note that in that case, you’ll have a chance to save a few groups of nonhumans around Flotsam from angry mobs.

Regardless, go back and work your way into the inn. Dandelion is the only one with information on Triss, so talk to him. He’ll point you toward Sile’s quarters. Walk back outside and up the stairs to enter Sile’s room. Examine the bloodstain on the floor, and the dead bodyguard in the corner. Once you’ve noted these, move to the back right corner. Geralt should be able to note a peephole that shows into the brothel rooms next door.

Sile’s Room - Roche’s Path

Walk over and head inside to talk to the woman. She’ll explain, after a little coaxing, that she and Margot both watched what happened in the room. It’s at this point, after the cutscene, that you’ll get a bit of a body switch.

Just choose the questions and paths that you wish to get a little bit of information from Dethmold. There isn’t a “right” way to do this. Once Triss has finished the conversation, you’ll swing back to the present.

The girl doesn’t know anything else, so you’ll need to ask Margot what happened. Cedric can wait for a moment, so I suggest that you follow Dandelion down to Margot’s room in the brothel downstairs.

If you captured Iorveth, you’ll find Margot hanging from the ceiling. Read the note at her feet to see that she apparently was Ioverth’s informant in Flotsam. We’re not going to get anything else from her.

Sile’s Room - Iorveth’s Path

Go into the room next door to find Margot looking after Derae’s body. She’ll show you the second part of the conversation. Again, there’s no “right” way to do this, so just talk Phillipa as you wish. When you’re done, she’ll hand over a letter for you to give to Iorveth.

Finding Cedric

Finding Cedric’s Body

Walk outside and look at the blood stain on the ground. The blood is going to be hard to follow, so I suggest that you take a cat potion now. That will make the blood shine out from the ground much better. If you really don’t want to bother with this, you can use your medallion to highlight the blood trails too. This will be a bit annoying though, since you’ll need to wait for your medallion to recharge before actually following the path too far.

Follow the trail out of the town and into Lobinden. You’ll need to follow the path down the road and into the swamp. There are a few other blood trails that can distract you. It’s not a disaster if you accidentally follow one though. Just go to the body, confirm that you’re wrong and backtrack to the trail. If you need a little help, Cedric ran deeper into the forest, close to the waterfall by the cave in the south.

Geralt will note when you’re close. Just move on up to Cedric’s body to talk to him for one last time. He’ll explain what happened to Triss. It looks like she’s far away for the time being. We need to find a way to get to Vergen. That means making a bit of a deal with someone.

The Crossroads

The Crossroads: Roche

This is the final set piece for this chapter. Regardless of who you choose to side with, the chapter will complete when you finish the mission. If you have any other side quests that you want to do, now is the time to do them.

You need to find some allies to take you to Vergen and help out with the mission. That means allying with Roche or allying with the remaining Scoia’tael. As the journal states, siding with one excludes the other for the time being, and it will drastically impact your role (and quests) in the second chapter. You need to choose carefully. You can talk to both, if you wish. Just don’t commit until you’re ready.

The Scoia’tael want to raid the prison barge and free the captured fighters, while Roche will ask that you help them kill Loredo and capture the merchant spy in the quarters. Just make your choice and get ready.


All information and screenshots from a “normal” difficulty playthrough of Witcher 2

Due to the branching nature of the game, your experience may differ. Please feel free to note any differences below in the comments.

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