The Witcher 2 Walkthrough - An Indecent Proposal

The Witcher 2 Walkthrough - An Indecent Proposal
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You’ll pick this one up right after you save Dandelion and Zolton from Loredo’s hanging. He’ll invite you to an evening meeting at his residence, which is basically just the barracks, to discuss the role that you plan to play in Flotsam.

This one is time sensitive. You’ll have to either just run around and let the time run out naturally, or you can choose to mediate. Do this by using the meditate option through the Ctrl key, and then choosing to actually meditate once you’re inside. Resting until evening will be fine.

When you’re ready, go up to the gates that are marked on your map and talk to the guard. You’ll need to surrender your swords at the gate. It won’t be a big deal, so do it. Roche will also join up with you at this point to give you just a little bit of help.

Knocking Out the Ballista

Once you go in, you’ll be able to look around. While you’re here, Roche will point out the ballista. Loredo’s new toy will let him extort even more “tolls” from the river merchants. It’d be good if we could knock the ballista out quietly to really kneecap his grip on the region. It’s time for a bit of inventive play.

If you look around, you’ll note that only one of the guards in the camp really seems to care about guarding it. He won’t let you get close enough, so we’ll need a way to distract him. There’s a named prostitute, Margarita, waiting by the wall. If you talk to her, you’ll be able to hire her to have a little fun with the ballista guard.

You don’t have to actually pay her, unless you truly hate the arm wrestling game. After she opens up negotiations, you can offer to do her a favor instead. She wants you to embarrass Myron and Alphonse, which shouldn’t be too hard. Find them over by the main table and talk to both of them. They’ll each agree to an arm wrestling match, and you’ll be allowed infinite free retries.

If you are having trouble with this, you just need to focus on getting a good start. Try to keep from moving the mouse much at the start, then get a slow crawl to the right going. If you slip up, you’re probably out of luck (unless you’re really good). The slow crawl should let you ride it to the end and win.

Once you’ve beaten both of them, she’ll walk over and seduce the ballista guard. Walk past the two and interact with Loredo’s ballista to remove a small piece of it and quietly sabotage it.

Walk over to Roche to begin the next section.

Robbing the Stash

Sneaking into the Garden in

The guard will turn you away again and ask you to wait again, which just gives you more time for sabotage. One gentleman should walk up to you and mention that a key part for the Kayran trap is hidden in with Loredo’s loot. It sounds like we’ve got another operation.

Wait a moment for Roche to talk to the guard protecting the entrance to the path. Once he walks past, move forward and get to the rock. Even though you don’t have a blackjack, you can still stun guards with your fists. Wait at the rock until the guard turns around and starts to move back toward the entrance. You should be able to slip in behind him and knock him out.

Move forward to the corner and spy on the guard urinating on the wall. Apparently, he’s set to respond if you knock over a bucket by the corner. Either give it a wide birth, or wait until he restarts the animation, to successfully get close enough to knock him out.

Climb the nearby wall to reach the back area of the barracks. That scene of Sile looking out the window is an important little clue. We need to get a little more intel. Wait by the wall and watch the two guards inside the yard. There’s one guard at the back, and one a bit closer under the windows. You should be able to just round the corner and run up behind him as he walks out into the main yard for his patrol. The low wall by the exit should allow a similar takedown, which will clear the yard.

Now that you have some peace, you can walk back to the window and climb the ladder. Move up the crates and get below the window, then choose to look inside. You’ll hear a decent part of Loredo’s conversation, which will wrap up the majority of the quest.

The last step is to climb the wall by the main exit and get into the storage area. Move forward to the glowing chests to grab the iron frame for the Kayran trap, along with a design for a slightly better silver sword. Some have also reported good armor being inside this area. Regardless, take whatever you want and then climb the ladder in back to reach the wall. You can then jump off of the extended plank to get back into the yard and talk to Roche.

You’ll eventually be able to get inside and talk to Loredo. He’ll lay things out fairly well. He wants you to kill Ioverth for him, and clean up the area. There’s a lot of money in it, and it’s basically not that far off from what we planned to do. He also wants you to take out the Kayran, so it’s probably a good thing that you got the trap. Either accept or reject his deal, then head outside.


All information and screenshots from Witcher 2.

Due to the branching nature of the game, your experience may differ. If you noticed any differences, please feel free to post a comment in the section below.

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