Your Weapons Will Help You Perform Team Fortress 2 Tricks

Your Weapons Will Help You Perform Team Fortress 2 Tricks
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The Taunt Kills - Team Fortress 2 Tricks

In Team Fortress 2 did you know you can actually take down an opponent with one of your taunts? With the exception of the Engineer, every other class has a taunt that can do an instant kill. These taunt attacks are one part of the many Team Fortress 2 tricks that are fun, silly, and mean at the same time; I don’t think anyone will want to be killed with a taunt because it seems like a humiliating way to lose.

For all of these taunt kills you need to equip the right item and then press the taunt button in order to perform the attack. The Scout’s taunt kill comes from his bat, the Sandman, where he can unleash a mighty swing to send his opponents flying to their doom. The Demoman can decapitate any unfortunate victim whose neck meets his sword, the Eyelander. The rest include the Medic’s Ubersaw, the Sniper’s bow and arrow, the Heavy’s fists, the Pyro’s flame gun, and the Spy’s butterfly knife. The disadvantage behind these taunt attacks comes from its length of time to be done as well as the player being vulnerable to attack. Fortunately for the Sniper and Heavy they at least have the quickest taunt kills (about two to three seconds) while the rest will take a couple of more seconds in order for it to be completed. Just make sure when you want to perform a taunt attack, that there aren’t any enemies nearby and that you try to catch your victim by surprise, usually from behind or from his blindside.

The Pyro’s Compression Blast

Team Fortess 2 tricks can also be found in the Pyro, with his playful flamethrower’s compression blast. It’s a wonderful tool to use for offense and defense. The compression blast can deflect sticky bombs, rockets, arrows, baseballs, and jarates; opponents will get annoyed by it and the best part is watching them get hit with their own attacks; it’s never a dull moment to see a Scout see stars when he gets clocked in the head with his own baseball.


Try not to be a lone wolf so much and use the compression blast to help your teammates get some breathing room too; they will appreciate your nice gesture when you remove the sticky bombs blocking their path. And they will be very pleased when you use the compression blast to extinguish the flames that’s burning on them. Blowing away enemies is another way to use it; I like to use it in the outdoors at 2fort where I push enemies down into the sewers. If those annoying Heavy/Medic duos are ubered and trying to steamroll their way towards your team or territory, then do your teammates a favor and keep them from coming any closer. Oh yeah, every time you use the compression blast you are also losing 25 ammo too.

The Sniper’s Flaming Arrow

Nobody likes to be burned in Team Fortress 2 but the irony is we like to watch other players get burned instead. The Pyro was the sole class who had that luxury before the Sniper had the bow and arrow. He can thank the Pyro’s flamethrower for having the ability to light the end of his arrow with fire. Anyone who gets shot with a flaming arrow will be running around and screaming, “Aaah! I’m burning. I’m burning!”

The Spy vs The Engineer


Some of the best Team Fortress 2 tricks comes from the Spy. The enemy Engineer’s dispenser can be a Spy’s best friend. Hanging around next to the enemy dispensers is an effective spot for the Spy to hide- his health and cloak meter is constantly being replenished. It works well for the Dead Ringer because the Spy will always be invisible as long as he’s next to the dispenser. It’s not going to work 100 percent of the time because some Engineers are smart enough suspect if a Spy might be using their dispenser. It’s probably best to stay on top of the dispenser so you will have a lower chance of getting bumped by your opponents.

It can be frustrating waiting for teleporters or sentry guns you sapped to break down. A way to speed up the process is to just get close to it and continue sapping the thing. Your continuous sapping will obviously grab players' attention so a more effective way to stall some time may be to disguise yourself as an enemy Engineer fooling them to think you’re trying to repair the teleporter or sentry gun.

Jumping Far Away With The Scout and Demoman


If you’re the type that wants to get to a certain place quickly, then don’t hesitate to rely on the Scout’s Force-A-Nature and the Demoman’s Stick Bombs Launcher, two weapons that allows you to clear far distances in a short manner of time. The Scout can jump much further ahead by combining the double jump with the Force-A-Nature. He needs to make sure to fire Force-A-Nature below him right after the second jump. This ability is also helpful for running away from the enemies and for getting the flag to your base as quickly as possible.

For the Demoman, he can use his sticky bombs to propel him into far distances in seconds. He’ll lose health so make sure to use one or two (three or more bombs and you just might die) sticky bombs; shoot them on the ground, run towards it and as you jump on top of them, when you reach your peak, detonate the bombs and you’ll be sent flying. You’ll have to play around with this ability a few times to perfect your timing and jumps. The sticky bomb jumping ability is especially great for moving from battlement to battlement in 2fort within seconds. It will definitely catch some snipers by surprise.

Hopefully these Team Fortress 2 tricks will help you appreciate the game more because I enoyed my time with TF2 much more once I knew how to those new moves and strategies.