The Best Weapons in Team Fortress 2

The Best Weapons in Team Fortress 2
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This list highlights the best weapons in Team Fortress 2, but it doesn’t only focus on the strongest. It also focuses on the game’s most versatile and fun firearms.

1. Sticky Bomb Launcher

If you like to play tricks on your opponents, the Demoman’s Sticky Bomb Launcher has several ways to catch them by surprise.

The bombs are small so enemies will not always see them. Bombs hide best when placed on the corners and walls, above the ceilings, and in the water.

You can use bombs to launch yourself to far away locations. Just stand near a bomb, diffuse it, and you’ll be soaring far away somewhere. In 2fort, it’s fun jumping from your camp all the way to the enemy camp within seconds. It can be used as a shortcut to grab the flag faster and for a surprise attack on enemy snipers standing on the second floor deck.

If you are trying to run away from your foes, you can hit yourself with a bomb or two to escape from them. The bombs should launch you further away so enemies won’t be able to catch up to you.

2. Flamethrower

Did you know you can use the Flamethrower to put fire on the tip of a Sniper’s arrow? Any enemy that gets hit by a flaming arrow will burn. So if you see any Snipers with the Huntsman, flame the tip of their arrow and both of you should enjoy watching the burning target run around yelling “Fire!” “Fire!”

The weapon is a great spy checker since its flames can easily spot spies hiding in corners or standing on top of Sentry Guns and Dispensers.


The Pyro can use this weapon to even help take care of problems your teammates may go through. If your friends get burned by enemy pyros, you can extinguish them with your Flamethrower, because its compression blast can blow away the fire.

The compression blast has other uses too. It’s handy for blowing away sticky bombs and grenades as well as deflecting rockets and baseballs. The compression blast can push away enemies, very useful to steer Heavy/Medic ubers away from your sentries. You can even knock enemies off the edge of a platform so they can take some damage or die from the fall.

3. Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

A Solider is like a walking tank, since he is able to fire big deadly missles with the Rocket Launcher. This weapon is able to kill any class quickly if you know how to use it.

You can juggle an enemy in the air if you launch a rocket near their foot, giving you enough time to determine their landing spot, so you can successfully hit them with another rocket. Sending your opponents in the air leaves them more vulnerable, and it allows your teammates to have an easier time taking them down.

The Rocket Launcher can also help you perform a high jump to help you in several situation- to launch rockets in the air, escape from enemies, and gain access to higher grounds. Enemies will not expect to see a Soldier standing on high platforms and objects they think is only reachable by Scouts, so the high jump is a good way to launch surprise attacks.

4. Mini-Gun

Any player should tag along with a Heavy because of their high defense and Mini-Gun. They can protect you while you cower away from behind. If you enjoy being the leader, the Heavy is a good choice.

Engineers and Spies don’t like Heavies because of their Mini-Gun. When your opponents spot Sentry Guns, they usually send out a Medic and Heavy to take them out. The Mini-Gun is weak in long range, but in close combat, opponents won’t be able to counter its speed and deadly bullets.

Spies will lick their chops when they spot a Heavy. But no worries, the Heavy can just spin himself around while firing his Mini-Gun to check for any enemy Spies nearby.

Heavies are great on the front lines, but they are also strong ambushers with the Min-Gun, where they can hide in corners and fire at full speed without worrying about reloading.


5. Sandman


Bonk!-that’s the sweet sound you hear when you manage to stun an enemy with the Sandman, the Scout’s baseball bat. You can be real irritating by going around swinging baseballs at players, stunning them while you run away.

On a more serious note, the Sandman can help your teammates since they don’t have to worry about counterattacks if enemies are stunned. Anytime you see those pesky Heavy/Medic teams using uber, swing a baseball at the Heavy, so he won’t be able to use his Mini-Gun on your teammates.

6. Sniper Rifle

Sniper Rifle

This weapon can instantly kill any class with a perfect shot to the head, so not even Heavies are vulnerable; in fact, Heavies are probably a Sniper’s favorite target since they’re so easy to hit.

A Sniper who is accurate with their Sniper Rifle is tough to deal with, but when they have a Medic nearby healing them all the time, that’s just plain annoying.

7. Ambassador


A Spy with his knife is already dangerous enough, but with the Ambassador, he can be deadly from far away as well. The weapon is similar to a Sniper Rifle since it can easily deliver deadly long range shots.

The invisibility cloak be helpful when you want to shoot enemies in the head from far away. They won’t see you so just uncloak, aim, and shoot. The Ambassador is perfect for this scenario.

You can take down classes with low health with just two bullets from this weapon, one critical shot to the head and the other shot to any other part of the body.

8. Knife


Spies are annoying not only for their cloaking skills, but they’re ability to kill any class with one back stab from their knife. They’re basically taking cheap shots from behind so it’s understandable why most people hate enemy spies.

The game is even generous enough to let a spy know when to back stab successfully. When the grip of his knife changes into a different position, that’s the signal for a guaranteed back stab. This ability works against enemy spies who are invisible too. Good news for the spies but bad news for everyone else.

9. Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher

You can easily take down scouts, spies, sentries, dispensers, and teleporters with the Demoman’s Grenade Launcher since it can deliver a lot of damage. Players can have a difficult time defending themselves from this weapon since the grenades can fly far, bounce on walls, and land in unexpected places.

Anyone who is on the top of a high platform should be cautious of a Demoman standing at the bottom, since he can send his grenades high enough to reach the top of many areas.

10. Sentry Gun

Sentry Gun

You pretty much run away if you spot a Sentry Gun nearby, since it has enemy detection and can deliver a dozen bullets and a few rockets within seconds. This weapon is dangerous when built by sneaky Engineers who know the perfect spots to build them so they can avoid being spotted and destroyed.

There are only a few ways to take Sentry Guns down, using Spies, Demomen, and Ubers, but most classes will have no chance against it. The worst part about Sentry Guns is when the Engineers are near them with a Dispenser. You’re trying to destroy the Sentry Gun, but at the same time Engineers are quickly repairing them back to health.